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Playboy by Carlo Colombo

Who did not quiver when first walking into the sole Piazza of Venice? Venetians are special and mysterious characters. Rooted in their strong Byzantine/Renaissance culture, they wield a powerful magnetism. That said, I must confess I have never heard of Venetian Carlo Colombo until now.

Playboy -- released on Maurizio Bazzi’s label, Drycastle Records--is Carlo Colombo’s second album. Once you listen to Colombo’s creation you realize how quizzical its title and songs are. Eureka!.... when one finds this man. The cover-art of Playboy is fun and delirious. Ten tracks are Colombo’s compositions with one being a rendering of Domenico Modugno’s "Volare".

Playboy’s essays ruminate the derisive, self-inquisitive and open-hearted pondering of Colombo’s frame of mind, thus the lyrics are facetious and corrosive. For instance, "Il Mondo Degli Idioti" states, "welcome to the world of idiots, we all are slightly sick of this ancient disease". "L’Intellecttuale ad Agosto" deploys Colombo’s quality of character to make fun of that part of our ego that takes life too seriously : "because the best show is the people’s faces, everyone thinks to be exclusive, thinks to be the must". On "Swing", Colombo hilariously stabs the muse that cannot arrive as he wished it to :"I don’t know how to end this useless song. I let it drop and I go to the bar or I go to work".

Carlo Colombo’s irony is also reflected in what he feels --and every chained human feeling--about an emotion that drives us to get committed. For we don’t know what it is to maintain something, showcasing how banal love can be when the substance and mystery is lost with a priori "Mirko et Tette" allege: "I bought you a microwave oven, a kitchen and the lamps of Murano you have dreamed of after I requested your hand". "Cambiami" is an ode to the co-dependency that entrains any wedding: "change me if you don’t want to understand me. Change before the thunderstorm because I will change even if I have to die". And "Ciao Como Stai" recalls ironically a happy-bitter love ending: "we remain serene, happy and distant, so if you want, let’s go drink a coffee".

"Crisi Economica" sarcastically delineates an idiosyncratic Italian landscape : "Economic crisis. They say, that is the people’s fault; that people became too static and they don’t want to work". "Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu ("Volare") is wonderfully arranged witnessing remarkable band cohesion. But overall Carlo Colombo is an Epicurean who wants to die cured. Just pay attention to the lyrics of "L’Alba del Giacatore"... "between living and dying, between losing and dreaming, what’s the difference, what difference does it make?"....

The two pearls of Playboy are "Playboy" and "Piaccio Alle Donne". In the first one Colombo sings as a Venetian Casanova-like seductor: "I have the key to open your soul. I have the key to the ultimate joy". Yet Colombo is even able to mock on Tirso de Molina’s counterpart Casanova-character in "Piaccio Alle Donne": "reality is funnier.... much funnier than many fantasies".

A discover, Carlo Colombo magnetizes you with his powerful lyricism. Playboy will certainly attract audiences, because of the emotions, the multifariousness, the sounds, and above all the tremendous appeal that you find yourself mirthfully immersed in. This artist has it all going in the immediate aim. Playboy is an absolute winner; a sure venture with many twists.... so latch on!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Carlo Colombo
  • CD Title: Playboy
  • Genre: Jazz Vocals
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Drycastle Records
  • Tracks: Piaccio Alle Donne, Playboy, L’Intellecttuale ad Agosto, Swing, Mirko et Tette, Cambiami, Ciao Como Stai, Il Mondo Degli Idioti, Nel Blu Dipinto Bi Blu (Volare), Crisi Economica, L’Alba del Giacatore,
  • Rating: Five Stars
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