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Radio Show by Tony DeSare

Radio has a firm policy for excellence...Tune it in and rip off the knob! Tony DeSare’s Radio Show has earned this respect!

Telarc Records soon to be released entry into the 2009 race of recordings, holds a high ceiling for future entries to the New Year. Radio Show by Tony DeSare has the ambiance of the years gone-by broadcasts, attached with the silky sway of his performance. Radio Show proves an artist can exceed outside the realm of traditional execution and design. DeSare’s disc captures the stage characteristics of the old radio shows, by offering a long forgotten respect for the classic sound.

Radio Show will not become an orphan of the charts in 2009.

As a radio broadcaster amongst my many of my life’s experiments, I was taken by the backdrop effects on this album concerning the radio mirrored effects and intros. Amusement also surrounds the DJ of the disc, Joe Piscopo, who rejuvenates the aura of the Silvertone past echoes, with timeless announcing.

The tonality and sophistication of DeSare’s vocal ease was most desirable thus becoming the focus, for DeSare is not one of those ivory-toothed upstarts in the jazz culture. He is a pure to tone by absorbing logical musicality and expensing a mature vibrancy yet with a touch of a youthful tease in every performance.

Vocalist Jane Monheit and guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli also shares the recording with DeSare on this project. I think the addition of talent such as this was wise and well planned, for it left a exact showcase of the numerous comparisons to Frank Sinatra’s old radio broadcasts. Radio Show offers the conceptual wisdom, with what the original brought to the dial.

DeSare performs five original pieces from his own archives, along with some of the classic wax from the past dials. "To Touch a Woman" is a vintage DeSare croon. His voice carried his smooth serenade, fitting the sound and beat of the classic tone. This is a wonderfully arranged and executed "crooner" recording.

Take a duet performance of the uplifting exquisiteness of Jane Monheit shouldered by the DeSare feel, and you have the recreation of the dials nostalgic passionate swoons. The performance of "Bizarre Love Triangle" evokes precise vocal timing and growls with sensuality. The switch to Portuguese lyrics just confirms the stylistic innovation of the talents versatility.

DeSare’s third project is well thought out, produced,performed, and has the creative flair often absent in the industry. I have been waiting for an artist to take it out of the norm of the mainstream cookie cutter, assembly line, DeSare has done just that!

DeSare’s efforts allow a new audience to reexamine an age that helped our Greatest Generation get by in times of powerful tests, through music. Radio Show is a vacuum tube of extraordinary sound and vision.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Tony DeSare
  • CD Title: Radio Show
  • Genre: Jazz Vocals
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: Telarc
  • Musicians: Tony Desare (piano, vocals, all synthesizers, Rhodes). Guess artists: Mike Lee (bass), Brian Czach (drums), Bucky Pizzarelli (guitar on track 2, 4, 8, 9), Jane Monheit (vocals on track 6), Dominick Farinacci (trumpet), among others.
  • Rating: Four Stars
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