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Shades Of Bey by Andy Bey

Bey's primary instrument is his voice, and his is one that in a few short years has demonstrated distinctiveness and maturity. Combining his own natural components of middle range vibrato, explorative phrasing, effortless fast paced articulation, dramatic falloffs of phrasing and falsetto, Bey selects a variety in his selections that showcases his full range ability. Close listening reveals the delight of Bey kicking off" Dark Shadows" with barely audible "ah's" whispered sounds, that remind the listener of the infinite possibilities of the human voice.

Deeper enrichment of Bey's sound is explored on "Shades Of Bey" with a minimalistic but accentuating string arrangement by Harry Robinson on the haunting "River Man". Geri Allen (piano) adds a flowing, understanding accompaniment to "Pretty Girl", allowing Bey to concentrate on investing meaning to the lyrics.

One would expect Bey to over dramatize the performance of "Blood Count ", considering the personnel relevance of the lyrics, but it's Lewis' (drums) ominous rumbling and hi -hatted and brushed accompaniment that underlines the self -effacing presentation of the lyrics. "Haven't got the strength to face another day when all that I've got is gone" or "Life is sweet but I don't know what it holds now for me."

Shades Of Bey ends as it begins with a ruminative guitar and vocal duo of a Latin tune. The difference is that Bey sings Drume Negrita in Spanish, revealing another facet of his talent.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Andy Bey
  • CD Title: Shades Of Bey
  • Genre: Jazz Vocals
  • Year Released: 1999
  • Record Label: Evidence Music
  • Rating: Five Stars
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