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So In Love With You by Rosie Carlino

The daughter of a radio singer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Rosie Carlino sings as if she was weaned on Dinah Shore, Lena Horne, Kay Starr, and Mary Martin. Her vocals have gorgeous tones that pour out like liquid caramel on her album So In Love With You, produced by Grammy Award winning composer Richard Rome. The string and piano arrangements make a tender bedding for her lush vocal textures. The notes are accentuated and curled exquisitely by Carlino’s larynx. Her interludes of breathy lows and exalting highs is intoxicating creating astounding pirouettes and daring feats. Her vocals are very persuasive with a nonjudgmental understanding and deep compassion for being in love. She leaves the listener feeling like she knows intuitively what it is like to be in love, even when no one else in the world understands those feelings that compel someone to another who isn‘t a wise choice.

Her entire album is dedicated to tunes expressly for lovers. "Bewitched" is one of those numbers that speaks with the voice of experience as Carlino purrs, "I lost my heart but what of it/ My mistake, I agree/ He’s a laugh but I love it/ Because the laughs on me/ I sing to him/ Each Spring to him/ Worship the trousers that cling to him/ Bewitched, bothered and bewildered." The lyrics express that love sickness which people have over someone who is not the wisest choice for them, but who is so special that there is no way out of it. Carlino’s voice compels the listener to feel emotions that they hold hidden, and her vocals have the seductive allure reflective of Lena Horne and Dinah Shore. It’s beautiful and sinfully elating. Carlino’s renditions of jazz classics like "That Old Black Magic" and "Unforgettable" give the dimly lit ballroom waltzes a touch of her own enchanting vocal hooks and gentle treatments with a vibraphone solo on "Magic" and twirling violins dancing around the trombone solo on "Unforgettable." The delicate strings and soft piano strolls on "Fools Rush In" and "In The Still Of The Night" are romantically flamed like moonbeams reflecting on a beach front. Carlino’s vocal tones glisten with the luster of pink pearls and glide with the smoothness of melted caramel.

Her vocals on "My Romance" ring like a soothing lullaby with elegant tonal extensions on her words. Her vocal expressions engage the listener with the charming glow of Doris Day on the tune "They Say It’s Wonderful" as Carlino sings the lyrics as if having a conversation with herself. It is so reminiscent of clips with Doris Day singing to herself in Pillow Talk. Her vocals have a girlish innocence and a sophisticated allure that creates a rapport with the lyrics instantaneously. Her vocal silhouettes sensually curl the notes and soak them with gentle hooks and vibrating extensions. Her songs have an intimacy with lovers, intrinsically understanding their feelings that compel them to each other with seductive vocal sways expressed on "My Foolish Heart" and "Old Devil Moon." Her vocal expressions are tangible, embracing very deep loving emotions. Each vocal melody is individualized to the tenderness and warmth in the words.

The sways, shimmies, and undulations in Carlino’s singing are personalized, giving each note its own special features. She sings these songs as if she has someone in mind whom she is singing them to, and expressly giving meaning to each note and word. Rosie Carlino leaves the listener feeling like "WOW!! That was amazing." Her performance is astounding and daring and makes a deep and lasting impression on the listener’s mind.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Rosie Carlino
  • CD Title: So In Love With You
  • Genre: Jazz Vocals
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Quillian Entertainment LLC
  • Tracks: That Old Black Magic, But Beautiful, So In Love, My Foolish Heart, Old Devil Moon, Bewitched, Fools Rush In, Unforgettable, In The Still Of The Night, My Romance, They Say It’s Wonderful.
  • Musicians: Rosie Carlino (lead vocals), Richard Rome (piano), Tom Giacabetti (guitar), Kevin MacConnell (bass), Joe Nero (drums), Davis Barnett (violin on “But Beautiful”), Dale DeVoe (trombone on “Bewitched”), Ron Kerber (saxophone on “Unforgettable”), Tony Miceli (vibraphone on “That Old Black Magic”), Alan Slutsky (guitar on “In The Still Of The Night”)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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