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The King And I by Joanie Pallatto & King Fleming

Fans of jazz singer Joanie Pallatto are in for a special treat when they discover her latest, THE KING AND I, which features King Fleming at the piano! 14 songs of pure magic and entertainment by two of the best jazz artists in the world recording today!

Vocalist/lyricist Pallatto and pianist/composer King Fleming have produced a sure winner! Ten of the fourteen songs featured on THE KING AND I are original King Fleming compositions. Pallatto has contributed lyrics to five songs. What a treasure house this collection is!

I have to admit that the song, "Moody," written by Fleming & Pallatto reminds me of a black & white film noir from the 1940s, one of those beautiful ballads that touches hearts everywhere, and I can see it as a background theme in which the actor Dan Duryea walks in, looking at the woman with that special sadness in his eyes, wanting to speak but hesitating. "Moody" is a classic, definitely.

Such a gathering of artists will certainly make this CD an enduring standard.. "My Very First Love" showcases the beauty of Von Freeman's tenor saxophone stylings, as does "Oooo, Those Blues," in which Von Freeman shows his complete mastery of an instrument he was born to perform with! King Fleming shows his fine work on his composition "You, And Only You," a classic piano work for jazz, and sure to become a standard for jazz pianists to play.

Songs include: "You're Driving Me Crazy," "Moody," "Somebody Loves Me," "Opportunity For Love," "Eastgate," "My Very First Love," "Overt," "Bypass," "Snow Storm," "Oooo, Those Blues," "Pen Point," "A Beautiful Friendship," "You, And Only You," and "Adios." Some excellent solo work is found on "Oooo, Those Blues," by Clifford Griffin on acoustic bass. The treatment is both original and captivating. If you liked the mood and approach of Jack Webb's movie "Pete Kelly's Blues" from the early 1950s, you will fall in love with this new creation from Fleming and Pallatto. Instead of Jack Webb on a coronet and Peggy Lee singing, we have the freshness and original year 2000 sound of King Fleming and Joanie Pallatto, and it is a great musical moment only found on this CD! And it could introduce a fine movie all its own! That's how good it sounds! "Adios" features Rich Fudoli on flute, and Gershwin's "Somebody Loves Me" features Bobby Lewis on trumpet, both masters of their instruments and in top form. Bill Cochran is always there with that perfect drum beat that only he can create so very well.

THE KING AND I reveals King Fleming as one of the great living jazz pianists, an original who defines what technique and style is about with much ease! The essence of King Fleming's piano gifts are fully captured on this CD.

Joanie Pallatto, you are the greatest, and this is your best CD todate! THE KING AND I reveals Joanie Pallatto as one of the finest jazz vocalist recording today, her voice always fresh, creative, sensitive, and in sync, every note a realized vision, the voice that can say it all in a few softly sung words.

"You and Only You" features the voice of Joanie Pallatto in its full range of beauty and could easily become associated with her as a favorite song requested by her fans. THE KING AND I is destined for classic status. Flawless. Perfect. Excellent production values.

Don't be without this beauty of a collection, for everything is there for the listeners to enjoy. THE KING AND I deserves its five stars for it is jazz at its best. Excellent!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Joanie Pallatto & King Fleming
  • CD Title: The King And I
  • Genre: Jazz Vocals
  • Year Released: 2000
  • Record Label: Southport
  • Musicians: Joanie Pallatto, vocals, composer. King Fleming, piano, composer. Clifford Griffin, acoustic bass. Bill Cochran, drums. Von Freeman, tenor saxophone. Bobby Lewis, flugelhorn and trumpet. Rich Fudoli, flute and soprano saxophone.
  • Rating: Five Stars
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