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Too Hot For Words by Terry Blaine featuring Mark Shane

The band changes slightly from the last session reviewed here last week. Clarinetist Allan Vaché and drummer Ed Metz Jr. traveled up from Florida. Allan is regularly heard on NPR in the "Jazz From The Landing" series with Jim Cullum's Jazz Band. Ed Metz Jr., if you have never heard him, is a human metronome and one of the most sought after drummers in this genre. You can see Ed at The March of Jazz 2000 festival at Clearwater, FL this coming spring. Tom Desisto joins the band on guitar, Joel Helleny on trombone and Harry Allen on tenor sax and that covers the new arrivals. Still remaining from the last CD are bassist Russell George, cornetist Ed Polcer, trombonist Tom Artin and Terry's perennial pianist Mark Shane.

On this session, Terry pays tribute to a number of the fine singers who were major influences on her style. Among them are Ella Fitzgerald, Fats Waller, Lee Wiley, Helen Ward, Annette Hanshaw, Martha Tilton, Helen Forrest, Ethel Waters and others. The 16 tracks are great and are from the 1930s including Dinah, A Tistet A Tasket, Looking At You, It's Too Hot For Words, Goodnight My Love, I'm No Angel, The Joint Is Jumpin', and a song that has been at the top of my personal hit parade for too many years, "My Very Good Friend The Milkman". Please see the Jukebox Jazz website for a complete list.

Terry Blaine and Mark Shane are completely in tune with each other and stick together like glue. I think if Terry were to sneeze in mid vocal, Mark would anticipate it and cover with a Jelly Roll Morton style "elbow smash". I'd really like to hear a Mark Shane solo CD one day. He a fascinating player with touches of the venerable Ralph Sutton and Joe Sullivan.

As a unit, this singer and all star band carry off this session to absolute perfection. The songwriters represented on this album would be very proud to see their tunes performed in such good taste. This CD will sit on the "play for all visitors" shelf. My 38 year old daughter listened to the record while wrapping Christmas gifts and danced all over the kitchen with ribbons and wrapping paper flying about. It all ends too soon with the Ella Fitzgerald/ Benny Goodman version of Goodnight My Love. Ya' just gotta hear Allan Vaché on this song!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Terry Blaine featuring Mark Shane
  • CD Title: Too Hot For Words
  • Genre: Jazz Vocals
  • Year Released: 1999
  • Record Label: Jukebox Jazz
  • Musicians: Terry Blaine (vocals), Russell George (bass), Tom Desisto (guitar), Allan Vache (clarinet), Joel Helleny (trombone), Mark Shane (piano), Ed Polcer (cornet), Harry Allen (tenor), Tom Artin (trombone), Ed Metz Jr. (drums)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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