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Who Are You? by Linda Pettersson

Linda Pettersson is a vocalist with a bright future. Following in the steps of other Swedish singers such as Alice Babs, Pettersson's easy going style is sure to appeal to a wide audience. With a great group backing her and a fine selection of material, there is much to enjoy on her debut release.

Her studied rendition of Kenny Wheeler's lyrical composition Who Are You? offers up a delicate balance of style and execution. Pettersson begins with a solo entry before Spering's bass carefully weaves under the vocal. Building beautifully with Persson's understated piano. Of particular note is Adaker's muted trumpet. The warmth and feeling of his playing is typical of this Swedish legend. One gets a feeling of continuity and balance throughout with the band and Pettersson performing as one.

One of the greats in popular music, Peter Gabriel has written many fine songs throughout his illustrious career. Probably his most requested is In Your Eyes. Spering tackles the opening with gusto and articulation. Holgersson's light brush work adding a subtle effect. Pettersson joins in with a yearning and longing capturing the intent of the song. Again we have Adaker's beautiful trumpet work adding a richness and velocity that drives the band even further. There are many opportunities along the way for joyful improvisation. Pettersson brings it home with the band. A highlight for sure.

From Ton To Tom is an interesting number written by Brazilian guitarist Toninho Horta. Anders Persson is fast becoming one of the most in demand pianists in Sweden. This number is a clear example of why that is. His soft opening lines set the stage for Pettersson's softly swinging introduction. The groove is set and now it is time for the band to ride it out. Cohesive throughout, summer breezes flow in and out. Gentle waves kiss the sand in eternal simpatico.

A Jimi Hendrix tune? Why not. A swinging version? Sure. After listening to Hendrix's version of Up From The Skies many times over, it's refreshing to hear a reworked arrangement that actually works. Pettersson has the uncanny ability to not only swing but have fun doing it. One gets a sense that the band was thoroughly enjoying this outing.

Pettersson's ability to pull off unique interpretations of what many would consider standards speaks volumes of her as an artist determined to seek her own unique voice. Her band not withstanding, this is a fine debut that hopefully will lead to a more exploratory second release.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Linda Pettersson
  • CD Title: Who Are You?
  • Genre: Jazz Vocals
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label: Touche Music
  • Tracks: Who Are You?, Detour Ahead, The Ballad Of The Sad Young Men, In Your Eyes, Skylark, All I Want, The Folks Who Live On The Hill, From Ton To Tom, Up From The Skies, Winter Sweet, I Still Havent Found What I'm Looking For'
  • Musicians: Linda Pettersson (vocals), Ulf Adaker (trumpet), Anders Persson (piano), Christian Spering (bass), Jonas Holgersson (drums)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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