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Bajo Cero by Pablo Ziegler

The latino musical culture has many wonderful & varied nuances, exemplified by this Pablo Ziegler-Quique Sinesi-esque clutch of keen, ethereal originals penned by Ziegler. The disc will delight the sensibilities of any diehard latino jazz aficionado. Pablo writes with an 'urgent' style which (I feel) will prove to be his forte' in CD projects to follow featuring his original compositions. I don't mean to offer my views in any presumptuous manner.........But, I relegate my readers to the positive 'gypsy' influences Pablo has offered in the vernacular of 'Django' or, something maybe 'Grappelli' might have interpreted or written. My point here is that Pablo could have easily (In the past) given these two musical giants his music to record, & I think both Django & Grappelli would emerge edified by Pablo's art. Last, this CD is a confident & new direction in original music, & might I add, it's timely as well.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Pablo Ziegler
  • CD Title: Bajo Cero
  • Genre: Latin Jazz / Latin Funk
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: ZM
  • Rating: Three Stars
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