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Branching Out by William Cepeda

BRANCHING OUT presents the mastery of Afrorican jazz artist William Cepeda on trombone, among other instruments. Cepeda gives life and style to the trombone, allowing it to soar high with originial Afrorican jazz motifs.

This is an unusual collection, a blend of African and Puerto Rico jazz motifs. A most imaginative collection of 8 selections with a playing time of of 68:24 minutes.

Selections include "Cosa Nuestra," "Bomba Flamenca," "Washiba," "Toshiko," "Let's Have Fun," "Next Pena," the amazingly unique "Cumba Blues," and "Bomba Pa' Loiza." "Cumba Blues" is a classic sound in the Afrorican jazz style. The musicians perform with verve and imagination. "Bomba Pa' Loiza" and "Next Pena" are full of brilliant solo work.

Jazz listeners who like trombone will find the stylings of Willian Cepeda refreshing and enjoyable, and those who enjoy Afrorican jazz will want to have this Cepeda collection in their home library for ready reference! As a trombonist/composer/arranger, William Cepeda is firstrate and this CD is a showcase for his talents.

William Cepeda shares this thought with his listeners: "I have the great fortune of coming from a family of musicians and of having been born in Loiza Aldea, where the tradition of Puerto Rican music lives on today. This heritage is a precious gift to me. In this new CD I continue to expand the horizons of Puerto Rican music. This is the heritage our ancestors left us and we as artists must make our contribution for the future." And what a wonderful sharing and contribution it is, a visual treat as one closes the eyelids and becomes one with the sounds.

William Cepeda has a winner with his unique Afrorican jazz sounds in BRANCHING OUT, a CD jazz collection that is memorable with its use of trombone and other instruments. A winner!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: William Cepeda
  • CD Title: Branching Out
  • Genre: Latin Jazz / Latin Funk
  • Year Released: 2000
  • Record Label: Blue Jackel Entertainment
  • Musicians: William Cepeda, leader, trombone, conch shells, suphonium, pandero, bomba drum, maracas, guiro,vocals. Omar Kibir, trumpet, flugelhorn, didgeridoo. Miguel Zenon, altosaxophone, background vocals. Uli Geissendoerfer, piano, synthesizer. Jose "Tony" Batista, electric bass. Andres Patrick Forero, drums. Angel Mojica, bomba drum, bongo. Rolando Morales, bomba drum, bongo, tumbadora, toys, background vocals. Additional guest artists including Edsel Gomex on piano and Badal Roy on tabla and Indian percussion.
  • Rating: Five Stars
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