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Brasil Brazil 3 by Brasil Brazil

Harmony singers, Sonia Santos and Ana Gazzola live up to the idyllic expectations of Brazilian-jazz music on their third release appropriately titled Brasil Brazil 3. The two ladies front the samba-club group Brasil Brazil, which has in tow keyboardist Pablo Medina, bassists Antonio Santana, Paulo Gustavo and Fernando Raio, drummers Cristiano Bertotucci and Sandro Feliciano, and guitarists Grecco Buratto, Angelo Metz, Ze Nogueira de Sa. Their repertoire is feathered with the sounds of special guests like harmonica player Ron Kalina, requinto artist Rafael Chato Rios, and congas musician Lula Aftro-Brasil.

The band wraps Brazilian-jazz in foils of Latin-scat vocals, Afro-Cuban rhythms, Caribbean-soul bling, club jazz grooves, and spicy swing. Each track has a dancehall vibe from the hip shaking "Jacksoul Brasileiro" to the soft jazz waltz of "Jazz’n Samba/Sa Dance Samba" which puts the spotlight on the romantically twined saxophone solo performed by Ana Gazzola. The upbeat tempo and rosy hues of "Tevo de 4 Folhas," translated is "Looking Over A 4 Leaf Clover," are infectious, and the group’s rendition of Nirvana’s hit song "Come As You Are" gives the typically melancholy-clenched tune a zesty Latin flare with soft uplifting pulses. Brasil Brazil envision Nirvana’s song so completely opposite to the original that their elegant treatments and classic refurbishments make it seem like a brand new song, one that could have sounded Brasil Brazil’s way and it would have made perfect sense. The cha-cha grooves that tree-line "Que Bonito e" are Charo-delicious, and the cheerful tempo of "L-O-V-E" moves in time with one’s heartbeat while preening of happiness. The track "A Felicidade" has a modern jazz cut with Brazilian-clad trimmings and tuneful scat motifs while the reclining low-lit modulations of "Contigo Aprendi" is Julio Iglesias- sensitive. The tracks are entertaining while demonstrating the powerful impact that Brazilian-jazz has over people to move them emotionally.

Both Sonia Santos and Ana Gazzola have successful solo careers in Brazil, but joined forces while both were on a club tour and met in Los Angeles. They discovered that their vocal harmonies were nicely aligned and complemented each other beautifully. They formed their own company, Yellow Green Productions which has released their albums under the Brasil Brazil moniker. Their mission has been to put their imprint on Brazilian-jazz history, which they indelibly have done so.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Brasil Brazil
  • CD Title: Brasil Brazil 3
  • Genre: Latin Jazz / Latin Funk
  • Year Released: 2009
  • Record Label: Yellow Green Productions
  • Tracks: Casa Forte, Bananeira, One Note Samba, Jacksoul Brasileiro, Bambo do Bamboo, Jazz’n Samba, Trevo de 4 Folhas, Come As You Are, Que Bonito e, L-O-V-E, A Felicidade, Contigo Aprendi, Em Frente ao Mar
  • Rating: Three Stars
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