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Cimarrón by Luis Maria Ochoa & Friends

Ten years ago, Havana, Cuban born guitarist Luis Mario Ochoa released his first recorded effort. Since that time, Luis and his band of merry men have blazed and embellished Latin jazz with some of the finest music of our time. Recently, Luis and his band Cimarrón as well as a host of other notable individuals have come together to record an album emblazoned with the band’s name. Although Cimarron is the group’s self-titled release, it is only the band’s third album. This release provides ten tracks that illustrate a picturesque overview of superbly written originals that have been augmented by a few traditional compositions and cover songs. Ochoa gains inspiration from the musical lore of his native Cuba, South America, the Caribbean and the verve of an energetic group of sidemen. Collectively, Cimarron has all the trappings of strategically placed Latin rhythms coupled with straight ahead tradition.

Although Luis Mario Ocho’s band goes the distance in making Cimarron a rhythm activated sound energy experience, additional input from clarinetist Paquito D’Rivera and Luis’ father Luis Ochoa, Sr. Together, they craft beautifully rich melodies that are filled with Ochoa Jr.’s twelve-string guitar. In addition, Ochoa jumps into the frey as a singer, guitarist, composer and arranger, which is a first by any stretch. His introspective approach to this CD as well as guest artists such as Guido Bosso, Hialrio Duràn and Joelson "Manihno" Costa offers a wide variety of influences that push the envelope of perfection. The release provides flamboyant sambas, Afro-Cuban classics, intensely rich Latin jazz grooves and a host of colorful boleros to make ‘Cimarron’ one of the year’s best releases of 2006.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Luis Maria Ochoa & Friends
  • CD Title: Cimarrón
  • Genre: Latin Jazz / Latin Funk
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Cuban Music Productions
  • Rating: Four Stars
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