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Cubacan by Francisco Aguabella

Francisco Aguabella was one of the original Cubans who arrived in New York during the 50's who along with Celia Cruz, Chano Pozo, Patato Valdez, Candido, Mongo Santamaria and others, firmly established the Latin Tinge in Jazz.

Originally from Mantanzas he is a master of Bata, a sacred drum style with intact African roots. As such he is considered a Priest of the music and has preserved the Cuban tradition undiluted. Since his first engagement with Dizzy he has had the opportunity to participate in the full spectrum of American Jazz from Peggy Lee to Santana. His latest Release "Cubacan", dedicated to Tito Puente, shows both musical diversity and stylistic purity. This is west coast music recorded in Los Angeles and features the Banda Brothers best known for their work with Poncho Sanchez. Also featured is the horn work of Charles Owens and Justo Almario. Cubacan includes covers of "My Favorite Things", "Tin Tin Deo and "Autumn Leaves", all with original arrangements and fresh takes. There is also Papa Luca's "Guajira Para Los Pollos", Dizzy's "Fiesta Mojo" and several Aguabella originals including beautiful Ballads.

This is classic Latin Jazz from an artist who has lived his entire adult life as an American but stayed quintessentially cuban. He is also yet another Cuban artist in his 70's still producing vital and engaging music. This speaks to the restorative power of Cuba's African rhythms. All of this music is made for dancing as well as listening and has that basic sense of joy and love of life that is intrinsic to all Latin Music.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Francisco Aguabella
  • CD Title: Cubacan
  • Genre: Latin Jazz / Latin Funk
  • Year Released: 2002
  • Record Label: Cubop
  • Tracks: My Favorite Things, Felukin, Guajira Para Los Pollos, Fiesta Mojo,La Costa, Agua Limpia Todo, Tin Tin Deo, Noche Azul, Mambo For Puente, Yesterdays Dreams
  • Musicians: Charles Owens (tenor sax and flute), Luis Eric González (trumpet), Justo Almario (tenor sax and flute), Donald Vega (piano), Ramon Banda (drums), Ron Blake (trumpet), John Belzeguy (bass), Ricardo "Tiki" Pasillas (timbales), Francisco Torres (trombone), and Eric Jorgesen (trombone). Ricardo Tiki Pasillas (Timbales), José Papo Rodríguez (Bongos, Percussion), John Belzaguy( Bass), Francisco Aguabella (Conga, Drums, Producer, Bata) Tony Banda (Bass)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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