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Enclave Diaspora by Rebecca Cline and Hilary Noble

Enclave Diaspora is the second energetic release by the quartet known as Enclave. The group consists of Rebecca Cline and Hilary Noble along with Fernando Huergo and Steve Langone. Enclave Diaspora is an adventurous Afro-Latin concoction of creative chemistry, spirituality, and transcendental artistry.

As the title implies, the quartet draws on an enormous wealth of geographic influences, religious deities, and exuberant rhythms to express the dispersion of people and their cultures. With eleven original instrumental pieces, Enclave blends folk tunes reflecting religious characters from Africa to the Caribbean and beyond with complex combinations of intricate rhythms. Most of the tracks imply a journey to or an experience within sacred places with Afro-Latin energy and excitement. Ancient chants and folk tunes serve as an undercurrent upon which the listener is transported across the sea as in "Iya Modupue". Or to the majesty of the sand sculptures of Utah in Moab considered to be sacred land. "Nameless" instills an anonymous character as it laments the many nameless travelers lost or taken from their land. Blue Cross breaks away from standard rhythmic repetitions with an unmistakable bluesy quality. It shares this rhythmic concept with "Crossroads", both sizzle with rhythmic vitality.

Cline’s use of both piano and Rhodes keyboard provide depth and variety to the collective groove of the quartet. Like Noble, Cline adds to the percussive nature of the music by doubling and tripling on percussion instruments. Hilary Noble’s tenor sax and flute playing are refreshing reminders of how effective a great melody can be. His creative lines are tastefully integrated into each tune. Fernando Huergo and Steve Langone seem to operate as one. The bass lines and percussive direction work seamlessly throughout and add multiple layers of intensity to this superb ensemble.

Enclave Diaspora is a Latin Jazz treasure anchored in tradition, soaring into the future.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Rebecca Cline and Hilary Noble
  • CD Title: Enclave Diaspora
  • Genre: Latin Jazz / Latin Funk
  • Year Released: 2009
  • Record Label: EnclaveJazz
  • Tracks: Crossroads, Rue de Buci, Iya Madupue, A-Frayed, Improvisaciones Sobre Yemaya, Chorinho pra Iemanja, Ocean Mother, Nameless, Moab, Mars Bars, Blue Cross
  • Musicians: Rebecca Cline (piano, Rhodes, percussion), Hilary Noble (tenor sax, flute, percussion), Fernando Huergo (electric bass), Steve Langone (drums/percussion)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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