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Island Garden by Joseph Diamond

Joseph Diamond is back with a new collection of original Latin-tinged jazz compositions that will blow the socks off the listening audience with new sounds and lively entertainment! The new CD, titled ISLAND GARDEN, contains 13 new songs by Joseph Diamond, and each one is well-expressed through the magic of his piano playing.

Diamond's piano style is unique, and he is one of the finest contemporary jazz pianists currently performing and composing music. He is in top-form on all the selections, and his uniqueness as a pianist is heard and felt in every song, and for those new to his style, give a close listen to the intricate work he creates on "Someday It Will Be Okay."

Selections include "Anytime," "L.A," "Island Garden," "Suena Como Alegria," "There Goes Another One," "The Yaqui," "Early Autumn," among others. This collection delights, and the listening audience will find many favorites among Diamond's latest jazz music creations.

Diamond shows his stuff on "L.A" and he is superb. "Early Autumn" is another fine demonstration of his playing style and techniques, and it is worthy of much airplay time. "Early Autumn" is a classic song that should be around for many a year, and it is something to come back to again and again with its harmony and inventiveness.

Young jazz pianists could learn a lot from listening to this CD, for it would put them in touch with a gifted stylist who is not afraid to experiment with techniques. "There Goes Another One" is a good example for aspiring jazz pianists wanting to learn techniques, and style, and to learn how a good jazz song is composed!

The listening audience will get a good feeling from the musician interaction found in "Suena Como Alegria," and like all the selections, solo work by the individual musicians is excellent. Every musician on this collection is topnotch.

Joseph Diamond has again hit pay dirt with this beauty of a collection. ISLAND GARDEN is 13 songs that will fill the jazz listener's ear with joy, fun, sensitivity, and exceptional entertainment that constantly pleases.

Joseph Diamond is a flawless jazz pianist, and ISLAND GARDEN is a fine jazz outing for any time or any place! Another fine song on this CD collection is "Suena Como Alegria." Some of Joseph Diamond's most complex fingering techniques are heard on "That's Not A Good Idea," and the memorable "Island Garden."

ISLAND GARDEN is a winner of a collection, each song a showcase for the piano artistry of Joseph Diamond. Excellent jazz piano solos. 13 original songs! Highly recommended.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Joseph Diamond
  • CD Title: Island Garden
  • Genre: Latin Jazz / Latin Funk
  • Year Released: 2002
  • Record Label: Basileus Music
  • Musicians: Joseph Diamond - Piano and Keyboard, Leo Traversa - Bass, Vince Cherico - Drums, Adam Niewood -Tenor Sax 1, Elysa Sunshine- Vocals 1, 11, Bobby Allende - Conga1, 7, 11; Bongo11, Bruce Williamson - Flute, Mark Walker - Percussion 2, Dean Bailin - Synthesizers, Guitar, Johnny Almendra - Bongo 3, Shekere 7, Pocholo Segundo - Conga 3. 5, Steve Sandberg - Synthesizers 4, 12, Andricka Hall & Stephanie James -Vocals 4, 12, Emedin Rivera - Conga & Percussion 4, 6, 10, 12, Rob Thomas - Violin 7, 11, Marshall Sealy - French Horn 7, Sogbety Diomande -Bade & Djembe 7, Memo Acevado - Tamboura, Guira & Conga 8, Guillermo Cardenas -Tambour & Guiro 9, Guido Gonzalez - Flugelhorn 10, Eddy Zervignon - Flute 11.
  • Rating: Five Stars
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