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Mattias’ Walk by Andrea Tofanelli

Andrea Tofanelli is a sweet gentleman and one of the greatest brass instrumentalists and trumpeters of Europe. In Italy where Andrea was born and lives, he is an icon. Leading his own bands, broadcasting TV shows the whole season during many years, teaching trumpet and jazz trumpet at the "Orazio Vecchi" Musical Institute Conservatory in Modena, Andrea always appears as an exceptional trumpet player and a wonderful human being full of modesty. Andrea is a virtuoso with the appetite of a Lion when exploring both classic and Latin jazz. He is the Pavarotti of the extreme high register notes, the dare devil of the high and double C and F .

Although Mediterranean from roots, he's got the Latin rhythms in his skin like a Latin born. This CD was released in 2000 as a homage to his son, Mattias, but this is also a tribute to Maynard Ferguson. His sense of orchestration is perfect and Andrea’s skills as a leader are enviable. Tofanelli explores Latin jazz styles with absolute mastery of phrasing and exploding passion, crossing all dynamics. His abilities of playing are impressive and are equally able to enhance the power of his band's rhythm section. Andrea’s capacities with the instrument are endless and many trumpet lovers stay amazed the first time they hear his playing.

Mattias Walk is a CD where interpretation, improvisation, instrumentation, orchestration and multi-rhythmic creation are colliding to offer a great contribution to Latin jazz. Andrea Tofanelli catches all attention with the way he controls the horn in intrepid high waters. In "For So Many Years" his fluegelhorn caresses each note with a perfect classic technique.

This musician is a virtuoso, and even more, the man is gifted with a gentle heart plus a sincere emotion that he passes through his eyes with a way recalling Chet Baker’s eyes...only the eyes.

His leadership is powerful with the ability to dig into the roots of every song. The arrangements are phenomenal, which prove that Tofanelli is a "maestro" of Latin rhythms and its complex compositions. His work will see more than one spot in the NY scene.

That said, "The Boss" must be proud listening to track 12: "Maynard Ferguson": a precious tribute to the legend of high register from this multi-gifted great Italian trumpeter!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Andrea Tofanelli
  • CD Title: Mattias’ Walk
  • Genre: Latin Jazz / Latin Funk
  • Year Released: 2000
  • Record Label: Splasc(H) Records
  • Rating: Five Stars
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