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Outer Sunset by Sascha Jacobsen

The Debut Release of Bassist Sascha Jacobsen's "Outer Sunset", is a delight of original offerings penned by the group members all of whom are based in the Bay area on the West Coast. There are no established stars in the group but all are strong journeymen with personal voices and unique improvisational identities. Three of the tunes are written by Chilean Pianist Jorge Laval who with Brazilian Percussionist Ronie Santos (who hails from Bahia, the area of Brazil with the strongest African influence)gives the music much of it's Latin Flavor. Tim Bulkley and Otto Huber both are credited on Drums. Tenor Player Patrick Miller is a strong, sure voice and contributes one of his originals to this group expression as does Guitarist Isaac Vandeveer. Sascha Jacobsen traces his musical heritage back to his Great-grandfather who played bass with the Moscow Orchestra and who he is named for. He had solid classical training and is currently holding down chairs in The Monterey and Santa Cruz Symphonies. However his Jazz chops and ear are as strong as are his compositional and leadership skills. He was fortunate to have been groomed in the Bay area where there is a richness of musical influences which includes a heavy emphasis on Latin Music. Sascha's vision for this project came from a moment of peace and transcendence he experienced as he watched a Sunset and the music reflects inner coherence and sense of a limitless horizon. This is music that bears repeated listening and is a sign of things to come from this talented young artist.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Sascha Jacobsen
  • CD Title: Outer Sunset
  • Genre: Latin Jazz / Latin Funk
  • Year Released: 2002
  • Record Label: Snarg Records
  • Tracks: Mount Uno, Fia Push, Charg, Curls, Lenfant Unique, No Fumes Mas, Mantra
  • Rating: Five Stars
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