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Preludio by Angel David Mattos

Angel David Mattos is a well-schooled Jazz artist. He graduated from Escuela Libre de Musica in San Juan Puerto Rico. He continued his studies at the University of Illinois and has a long-standing association with the Berklee School of Music. The music of "Preludio", his debut CD, was composed over the last 10 years and reflects the many experiences he had over those years and the many musical associations he formed. The cuts were recorded in individual sessions and there are contributions by many musicians with a different instrumental set up on every track. The pieces are structured and highlight the compositional textures more than individual solos. He also employs a variety of keyboard colors. You can clearly hear the classical training in the complexity of orchestral voicings provided by his overdubbed keyboard artistry, which are sitting firmly on a foundation of funk and Latin rhythms. This is no easy or simplistic music and requires a high level of technical expertise from the players. Mattos is a sonic colorist who takes us to surprising places. His solos are fluid and as carefully crafted as his compositional forms. Of the many exceptional musicians, Bassist Sammy Morales is a standout and plays some vicious solos showing off his virtuoso technique. There are a variety of tempos and feels explored on each track. "Reposo" is a beautiful ballad with the head played on Soprano Sax by Marco Munoz and on which Mattos demonstrates his acoustic piano chops. The first cut "Sound Check" is a hard-core fusion outing and "Hola Hasta Siempre" is a Cha Cha Cha featuring the guitar work of Chebi Rodriguez. This is intelligent music that evokes mental pictures. Mattos obviously has a wealth of technical and compositional vocabulary to call on and an original voice that defies genre labeling. "Preludio" is a wonderful Prelude to the great work that is sure to come from Angel David Mattos.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Angel David Mattos
  • CD Title: Preludio
  • Genre: Latin Jazz / Latin Funk
  • Year Released: 2002
  • Record Label: Vat Productions
  • Rating: Three Stars
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