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Que Siga La Rumba by 3D Ritmo de Vida

New York City’s 3D Ritmo de Vida create a mane of Caribbean-salsa-swing moving to the rhythmic pulsations of a river of Latin-flavored beats on the group’s latest CD Que Siga La Rumba. These songs are adorned with an urban-pop excitement relatable to the music of NYC’s Spanish Harlem, and infectious Latin grooves found in the music of Brazil’s commercial hubs. 3D features the charismatic talents of founding members Michael Tate on drums and Chris Amelar on guitar along with a host of seasoned musicians including keyboardists Lenny Underwood, Ray Chew, and Ricky Gonzalez, bassists Leo Traversa and Ruben Rodriguez, percussionists Chembo Corniel, Chino Nunez, and Myra Casales, and horn players Ozzie Melendez, Raul Agraz, and Ray Vega. Additionally, the album showcases the vocal talents of Herman Olivera, Willie Torres, Jerry Lopez, Chris Hierro, Ray Viera, and Bonny B.

Que Siga La Rumba is a vibrant production filled with dancehall grooves, frilly samba flares, buoyant rumba ripples, and sensual reggae sways. Curiously enough, Michael Tate and Chris Amelar are not Latinos, but their tunes are so genuinely fluent in Latin-tilled grooves that you would swear they were weaned solely on the music of Tito Puente and Jose Feliciano. Que Siga La Rumba is 3D’s fourth album with music formed from a hybrid of influences extracted from R&B, reggae, Afro-Cuban soul, gospel, soca, frocuno, salsa, and an vast array of Caribbean/tropical rhythms. 3D is an abbreviated form of the group’s chief characteristics of sounding dynamic, diverse and danceable. For this album, 3D invited Herman Olivera, one of the finest singers and soneros (vocal improviser) in Latin music today. Olivera sings lead on 5 of the songs on the album including the steamy "Mi Amor Eterno," and offers the arrangements a savvy swivel that fits perfectly in Latin dance. Contemporary and spicy, 3D’s fusion of plena, merengue and other Caribbean rhythms are mixed into a tangy colada that evokes a unique blend of rollicking samba-party grooves with soul-inspired vocal sashays. 3D draws from a multitude of influences which create a vibrant montage that coalesces everything relatable to Latin music.

3Ds first album, entitled World Beat Dance, set them on this path to blend Latin and Afro-Cuban elements into songs that express fun and freedom, and Que Siga La Rumba leads the group deeper into these woods. The musicians of 3D have performed with Kid Creole and the Coconuts, Jennifer Lopez, West Indian Day Carnival, NJ Mass Choir, Herman Olivera, Cab Calloway, Ray Vega, Harry Belafonte, Oscar Hernandez, Chaka Khan, Michael Urbaniack, Phil Keaggy and many other popular artists. In addition, the members of 3D have recorded for Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and Sony Records. 3D’s songs are made to be audience pleasers, and Que Siga La Rumba truly makes good of this promise.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: 3D Ritmo de Vida
  • CD Title: Que Siga La Rumba
  • Genre: Latin Jazz / Latin Funk
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: GMG Music
  • Tracks: Mi Amore Eterno, Son Montuno Pa’Dos (Spanish), Vete, Las Cosas Cambiaran, Vente Conmigo, Ovelo, Cuando Te Veo, Que Siga La Rumba, No Lo Busques Mas, En La Calle 52, Baila Para Mi, Son Montuno Pa’s Dos (English), Vente Conmigo
  • Rating: Three Stars
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