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Roncesvalles Tango by Rick Washbrook

From the Cafés cantantes to the gypsy festivals, the ardor of Flamenco music is the heartbeat of passionate string-driven romance. Whether it was the rubber-stamped classic sound of Ramón Montoya, the first performer to theoretically introduce classical guitar techniques into Flamenco music or the driven fret manipulation of the 19th century troubadour, the fervor remains lit. Therefore enter stage left, Rick Washbrook and his remarkable interpretation and methods of the ageless art of Flamenco. Roncesvalles Tango, released in 2007 is worthy of lofty acknowledgment, not so much for his innovative ability to manipulate technique but more so, the execution of the legendary proficiency needed to release the Latin mood.

The experimentation of the guitar technique in relation to the conventional style is intense and complex yet Washbrook succeeds in elevating his efforts. There in lies the beauty of the Washbrook arrangements and delivery; as each cut is executed precisely without compromising the historical ambiance. These are very intense and compelling spins; showcasing the discipline of Washbrook, his work ethic and liberated approach.

To single out any cut.... on this project would be futile at best. Look and experience the inner flow of every string definition and manipulation; as it relates to the intensity of the crafts personality. His performance is romance set to frets and chords; that capture the pure joy of heartfelt charm between two passionate set of eyes.

Roncesvalles Tango is extreme. Mediocrity, in any shape or form in these performances becomes transparent, as it does not exist. This is a very intellectual spin.

For those into the techno-methods of the Latin flavor, this is out-of-the-margins, into the binder textbook. Those whom have fire in the soul, the hopeless romantic, this is the catalyst to your dreams. Where ever one lies on the spectrum of Latin musicianship, one thing is certain.... Rick Washbrook understands the psyche of romance ablaze and delivers its emotional flint....

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Rick Washbrook
  • CD Title: Roncesvalles Tango
  • Genre: Latin Jazz / Latin Funk
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Record Label: Self
  • Musicians: Rick Washbrook (Guitar)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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