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Sonoros De Verdad by Pio Leiva

Anyone who loves Cuban music could easily come to believe that the secret to long life, heath and happiness is Cuban Rum and Cigars. Pio Leiva , a Buena Vista Social Club Alumni , is yet another Cuban artist in his 80’s who is creative, working hard, dancing, singing, and there is always that cigar. In a lifetime of music he has traveled worldwide and worked with most of the stars of Cuban Music including Compay Segundo. His new release "Sonoros De Verdad is a little jewel of classic Boleros and Son Montunos performed by himself and his companeros from Sonoros de Verdad led by Luis Frank, whom he is currently touring with as well as the Afro-Cuban All Stars. It starts with his signature tune Fancisco Guayabal with trumpet performed by Daniel "El Gordo" Ramos. All cuts feature Manuel de la Cruz and Jose Artemio Castaneda on guitar and tres except for "Perla Marina" which showcases a duet with pianist Guillermo"Rubalcaba"Gonzalez and an extrodinary vocalist credited only as Virginia. This is pure, simple from the heart beauty. Pio’s rendition of Cuando Yo No Me Quieras is another standout in which this husky voice, much abused and weathered, expresses the most delicate and gentle of emotions. You can clearly hear the wisdom and humor that faces squarely a lifetime of love and loss. In this compact 35 minuets of music you have your heart torn out with lyrics expressing deep longing and pain and then with the next cut you are up dancing and celebrating life. Is this not the essence of Cuban art, the recognition of the bittersweet reality of life? This is classic Cuban Art that never goes stale or becomes dated. Pio Leiva has become the embodiment of eternal truth we can hear so clearly in his voice stripped of all but feeling. So enjoy it with some good Cuban Rum and Cigars.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Pio Leiva
  • CD Title: Sonoros De Verdad
  • Genre: Latin Jazz / Latin Funk
  • Year Released: 2002
  • Record Label: Pimiento
  • Rating: Five Stars
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