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The Shadow Out of Time by Carter & Bodlovich

It is difficult for me to determine in what section Carter & Bodlovich’s second release, "The Shadow Out of Time", belongs in a CD store.

I was thinking Gypsy fusion - they do after all sound a bit like a high octanve version of the Gipsy Kings. On one number they sounded a bit like Les Paul and Mary Ford without Mary Ford - without Mary Ford (am I dating myself or what?)

At least one of the cuts sounded it like the duo was going break into the Venture’s "Walk, Don’t Run".

I guess I’ll defer to Duke Ellington (you’ve heard of Duke Ellington, right?) when he said that there’s really only two kinds of music - good music and bad music. So I’ll classify Carter & Bodlovich as "Good Music" - very good music indeed.

The Bay Area (I assume that means San Francisco - there are other bays in America after all) guitar duo specializes in frenetic, high energy, intricately interwoven playing that makes you think there has got to be more than two guys playing. After seven years together they have developed a tightness that can only be developed over time and much practice. They display an unbelievable virtuosity throughout the entire CD - in other words, they definitely have chops.

While many of the numbers (all Carter and/or Bodlovich compositions) often reach breakneck speeds, they also display their artistry like in the number "Dbv" which is has a slow haunting Brazilian feel to it.

Great musicians playing interesting original compositions, displaying amazing artistry - what more could you want?

This is an enjoyable, surprising CD throughout even when (to quote pool player Steve Mizerak from the old Miller Lite ads), they "are just showing off".

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Carter & Bodlovich
  • CD Title: The Shadow Out of Time
  • Genre: Latin Jazz / Latin Funk
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Record Label: 7bc
  • Tracks: Samba for Satch, Q, Untitled Blues, Shock T, DBV, The Nihilist, The Moose, Dr. Saperstein, The Shadow Out of Time
  • Musicians: Isaac Carter (Guitar), Jason Bodlovich (Guitar)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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