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Vive Jazz by Sonido Isleno

Latin and soul tainted jazz has such an exotic love affair with the fandom. When performed with the precise execution needed to make the sound work it is pure ecstasy. One of the most passionate jazz sounds to date (Latin) many artists try to afford its beauty, but seldom are they able to pay the bill in the end. However, guitarist Benjamin Lapidus with his October release of Vive Jazz from Tresero Productions has demonstrated that ability to connect just those sounds with the flair and essence required. Vive Jazz performed by Lapidus’s group Sonido Isleno is a very fine piece of work.

Note that throughout the project the mix of congas and strings is acute and brings together that strong heated Latin feel needed for the execution of a project such as this. Listen also to the bass effects and how the beat is so synchronized with the other players in each cut. This is evident more so in the third cut called "Taino" near the end of the selection. "Taino" involves a pleasant and feisty arrangement, which adds a sizzle to the end of the performance, making this a favorite in relation to "Vive Jazz."

Lapidus’s string sensuality explores the senses in "M&D," which has such a tempting introduction. A melodic and a fine technical injection of emotional Latino jazz, this cut offers the listener a heated push-n-play event. "M&D" will facilitate a fine musical lesson in mixing different levels in sound as well.

One point of interest is to experience the vocals that from time to time offer themselves throughout the recording. These vocals take certain points in the music to a higher more direct defined level.

Improvisational, innovative, direct without becoming uniform, Vive Jazz is all of this and then some. Latin jazz has to be kept fresh and creative which is what Sonido Isleno has accomplished with this very mystifying offering.

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Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Sonido Isleno
  • CD Title: Vive Jazz
  • Genre: Latin Jazz / Latin Funk
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Tesero Production
  • Tracks: La Suegra, East Of El Son, Wes Del Tres, Taino, Vive Jazz, Heebaro, Tambora, Ornetteando, M&D, Green Mill Mambo, Dialectics Of A Soplapote
  • Musicians: Benjamin Lapidu (guitar/tres/cuatro/marímbula/coro), Francisco Javier (Cotto bass guitar/electric upright/coro), Felix Sanabria (congas/chekere/pandereta), Numerous other talents
  • Rating: Three Stars
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