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Broadcast No. 1 by A Race of Angels

Don’t expect Broadcast No. 1 to fit into any category you might have in your library of recordings, it’s unique unto itself and defies description. With this debut recording, A Race of Angels has produced an intriguing collection of compositions that speak of love in all its dimensions, romantic, humanitarian and spiritual, embracing all in a compelling way. These seven orchestrated pieces, mostly synthesized and some fixed with drumbeat driven tempos, provides a mysterious soundscape for the haunting vocal washing over them.

A most unusual recording, one hears influential traces of pop, island, and folk music in this contemporary vision, all uniting to suspend the enigmatic poetry of the lyric. As a meditative and somewhat mystical concoction, Broadcast No. 1 is not background music, rather it coerces one to sit and listen in rapture. Caught somewhere between the history of man and the temptation of the unknown universe, it is at once ancient and futuristic. There’s an imploring quality to the gentle vibrato-laced tenor voice, with lyrics speaking of a search for the infinite and eternal love. The message of the lyric along with the organic substance of the composition lend a human touch to the synthesized instrumentation, sitting in perfect balance with the au courant nature of the whole. This recording is sure to appeal to a wide cross section of listeners from today’s youth to new age and jazz fans.

A Race of Angels has created a work in Broadcast No. 1 that will likely have a hard time finding airplay, it’s just too unusual to fit into any conventional radio format, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy of attention. In this day and age of label-bending cross genres, it might more comfortably find a home in a cinematic offering, such is the visual appeal of this aural experience. One thing is certain, you’ll be left feeling uplifted and peaceful after listening to this rare and essential recording.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: A Race of Angels
  • CD Title: Broadcast No. 1
  • Genre: New Age
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Luv Classics
  • Rating: Three Stars
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