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eMotive by Grundman Gnomusy Joaquin Taboada and Eduardo La

Here’s a very, very noble first for me. First of all, this is a project undertaken by a group of non-profit artists donating the profits from the sale of this album to Doctors Without Borders. The music itself is strictly new age material. Not bad new age, mind you. In fact, this is the very soothing, caressing, tranquility-inducing variety of new age. Just what one needs at the end of a grueling, rush-hour howling, nail-biting, overtime-meeting kind of day. Just what I can imagine a doctor without borders, or any doctor for that matter, ordering for a patient’s peace of mind, maybe while relaxing in a sauna or massage parlor.

eMotive features Madrid-born Jorge Grundman, a new age and classical composer, David Caballero, aka Gnomusy (no, don’t ask ME), another Madrid-born composer, Joaquin Taboada, a piano teacher and professor of music and accompaniment in Navarra, Spain, and Eduardo Laguillo, a multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer. Each has notable productions of his own. This collaboration is surely a gift to those familiar with the individual gifts of these artists and even to those not so familiar with them. Serene, subtle, surreal, ethereal, warmly enveloping. It has all these qualities in each piece. It does one’s heart so much good to know that all of this is being offered so unselfishly.... for the good of fellow man. It just makes the music that much more appealing.

Each tune seems to possess its own unique power of invoking or encouraging those cherished and guarded introspective moments we all keep under lock and key. This talented group of musicians is quite capable of opening that lock and settling down inside your mind if only for a moment to allow you that escape to a place where a bit of solace can be blissfully enjoyed and savored like a good cup of relaxing chamomile tea. Here’s where we all need to stop every now and again.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Grundman Gnomusy Joaquin Taboada and Eduardo La
  • CD Title: eMotive
  • Genre: New Age
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Record Label: NPM
  • Tracks: Raghupati Raghava, The Girl With The Stolen Smile, Chodhna, Everyday Heroes, El Jardin De Marta, Evoking Something Near, Tears At Bedtime, Dolmen Ridge, Gurudeva Hamara, Memory Holes, Forgotten Moss, Ballerina
  • Rating: Two Stars
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