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Possible Dreams by Elise Lebec

Tender is the touch that caresses the ivory tones. So angelic it brings the flowers to bloom and the sun to set. This, my dear friends, is Elise Lebec. Experience her emotions set to keyboard! Her 2006 self-released "Possible Dreams" is a cavalcade of compassion built around sound and the sentiment created within. Lebec, for all of her experience and talent, has one thing most important, the "Sensation" for the moment sculpted with resonance.

"Possible Dreams" becomes reality as you spin each excerpt from her keyboard. Arrangements are crisp. Each solo has a story attached to the dreams of the listeners. Most remarkable about this effort is the way she addresses from her heart, the meaning or goal behind the spin.

One of the spins best efforts is "A Letter from Elise." A simple message thanking all sources, whoever they may be, for her love for life. Note the flow in which its pauses almost insinuating a moment of reflection for her lust to live. Pure speculation? Maybe. However, is this not what all fine pieces of music offer the listener? In this case, it works so wonderfully.

"Imaginary Kisses" also needs to be singled out. It offers a new feeling in the arena of romance, including the act of a simple kiss. The gentle tapping of her keystrokes plays in well with Lebec’s written script about this number. Lebec also allows her simple pauses again to pull the listener into her world, making this cut simply exquisite.

The spin of "Possible Dreams" takes you into Lebec’s world, her paradise, where not all may be perfect, but not far off. A world where she allows herself to meander through her dreams, the words and music showing that often sought after path of compassion as well. This is a fine piece of music. Call it jazz, new age or classical, none of these titles matter. What matters is that we are allowed to experience it, so please do.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Elise Lebec
  • CD Title: Possible Dreams
  • Genre: New Age
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Lebec Entertainment, LTD
  • Tracks: Before Awakening, Behold, Possible Dreams, The First Time, Meeting You Again, Letter from Elise, A Drive Through Sunflowers, Colors of the Heart, Imaginary Kisses, Remember When..., Dark Before Light, Beyond Desire, Moonlight Dance, Cloudless Sky
  • Musicians: Elise Lebec (piano)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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