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Silver Ship by Suzanne Ciani

Suzanne Ciani takes listeners on an exhilarating voyage on Silver Ship, her first release of original work in six years. Ciani is a five-time Grammy nominee and was a pioneer in electronic music, having studied under three of the music’s founders, John Chowning, Max Mathews and Don Buchia. Ciani went on to found the Electronic Center for New Music in the 1970s and has created numerous award-winning musical scores for commercials and movies such as "Fame" and Lily Tomlin’s "The Incredible Shrinking Woman." This latest release combines her classical acoustic background with her passion for electronic music.

Backing Ciani on this endeavor is her band, The Wave. Reedist, Paul McCandless’ improvisations on "Wine Dark Sea" are riveting and Matt Eakle’s fluttery flute on "Capri" is spry and lively. Teja Bell’s guitar work on "Wine Dark Sea" is enchanting, and along with the percussion stylings of Michael Whalen, adds a spicy world flavor to this piece. Michael Manring’s bass on this one is rich and moving. Also featured on this work are cellist, Joe Herbert, whose work on "Stromboli" is haunting and vocalist, Valerie Wilson, sweet and soothing, on the lullaby, "Silver Ship." The lyrics of this song were written by Suzanne’s sister, Mary Ciani Saslow (who also designs the album covers for Seventh Wave Productions.)

This collection rocks back and forth between classical acoustic ("Eclipse" showcases her piano skills and the arrangements here are timeless) and new age electronic ("Open Seas" incorporates synthesized wave sounds created several decades ago) reflecting Ciani’s long and intriguing history and her dual-presence in Italy and Northern California - both locations where she worked on this project - guided along by the eternal ebb and flow of the waters. The sound is of impeccable quality, producing intense opulent tones along with delicate, wispy threads, creating a vision intricately infused with roaring storms, swashbuckling adventure and gentle, comforting solace - as changeable, moody and spontaneous as the open seas can ever be.

This radiant effort reflects her willingness to cast off into the uncharted territories of creativity while calling upon past experience and enlisting the support of her own group of jazz musicians to add fuel and fire to this excursion. Silver Ship is an emotionally charged work that perfectly mirrors the peaks and valleys of, not only the oceans and seas, but the waves of life, itself.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Suzanne Ciani
  • CD Title: Silver Ship
  • Genre: New Age
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Seventh Wave Productions
  • Tracks: For Lise, Wine Dark Sea, Stromboli, Capri, Eclipse, Open Seas, Dentecane, Snow Crystals, Sargasso Sea, Silver Ship
  • Rating: Three Stars
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