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Spirit Romance by David Lanz

David Lanz’ Spirit Romance is his first for Narada since 1998. In the time in between, he has recorded an independent album and a few for Decca, which have sold well and put Lanz on the piano map as an artist to watch for.

Lanz and flutist Gary Strotsos have combined along with Lanz’s brother Gary, adding a producing credit to his name, along with bassist Keith Lowe, violinist Swil Kanim and Glen Velez on acoustic percussion and Jonn Serrie on keyboards. All of this improvised which once you hear it once, it allows you to see how good these players are without knowing the true background. Strotsos plays a few different flutes, but his favorite on here is the Xiao flute from China, which is a father figure to the traditional Japanese flute.

David Lanz and company have a great new age album here. The counterpoint play between Strotsos and Lanz is great, with Lowe adding a great bass play and cymbals on the track "Satori" by Larry Mahlis. The song "Return to Altair" features Serrie on keyboards, which is a revisit of the previous track by Lanz called "Wings to Altair"
from his album Cristofori’s Dream from 1988.

With its Eastern flavor and its "Return To Altair" being divided up into five suites at just over two minutes each, David Lanz with Gary Stroutsos have returned to fine form, about the days of 1993 to 1998 with the five albums Lanz did for Narada. David Lanz continues to produce great albums, from his 1983 debut Heartsounds to 2005. With this album, Lanz and company have provided us with another solid album throughout.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: David Lanz
  • CD Title: Spirit Romance
  • Genre: New Age
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Narada
  • Tracks: Serenada, Satori, Between Worlds, Oguerre, Spirit Romance, Soliloquy, RETURN TO ALTAIR SUITE (featuring A Distant Light, Dreams of Altair, Contemplation, Compassion, The Return)
  • Musicians: David Lanz (piano), Gary Stroutsos (flutes), Keith Lowe (bass), Glen Velez (percussion), Jonn Serrie (keyboards), Swil Kanim (violin), Larry Mahlis (cymbals)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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