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Crash! by Jack McDuff featuring Kenny Burrell

Brother Jack McDuff had one of the hottest combos in Jazz in the early sixties, and what distinguished him from the grand master Jimmy Smith, was his great bands(he was like Art Blakey in that he'd let his bandmates show their ability)his great ability at playing organ bass, churchy, more blues oriented grit, and excellent arrangements. This CD, reissues two Prestige LP's(McDuff's "Somethin' Slick, and Burrell's "Crash!" featuring McDuff and Kenny Burrell. Joining the duo are Harold Vick on tenor, Joe Dukes on drums, and on certain tracks, Count Basie alumnus Eric Dixon on tenor sax, and flute, and Ray Barretto on percussion. Things get cooking quickly with the title cut to the first LP on the collection, "Somethin' Slick" with Jack, Kenny, and Eric taking nice turns before Vick joins Dixon to restate the theme. "Our Miss Brooks" is a slow, heating down home blues, by Harold Vick that increasingly builds tension during the solos, through a great arrangement. The tension could be likened to a pressure cooker as Vick takes several choruses, and breaks loose whenever Jack enters with "all stops out" playing chords. Kenny gives us a little bit of Wes Montgomery in his solo(truly different from the low down, and nasty solo George Benson took on another version Jack recorded with Red Holloway on tenor)while Jack is playing from the church, with funky lines. Later on the disc, from Burrell's "Crash!" LP, we hear Horace Silver's "Nica's Dream". It is Latinized, with a swing beat at the bridge section of the tune. Good solos by Burrell, and McDuff, and very nice drumwork by Joe Dukes.(he really enjoys himself on this one; in the middle of Burrell's solo he lets out a yell) The tune ends w/ a huge chord a la Jimmy Smith.(Although we are not treated to a stop change in mid chord, and a glissando of the bassline, McDuff does his own thing rather than imitate)Overall a fine CD, 76 mins. of music is not bad, organ fans will enjoy this.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Jack McDuff featuring Kenny Burrell
  • CD Title: Crash!
  • Genre: Other
  • Year Released: 1963
  • Record Label: Unknown
  • Rating: Four Stars
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