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Eclectic Energy by Clef Notes

Strunz & Farah - Fantaseo- (2006 Selva, Inc.)
Acoustically animated over three decades this duo has mystified the jazz populace. A style so diverse it challenges the mind with each scripted music sheet. Fantaseo launches as in the past with an exquisite arrangement entitled "Pasitos" (Little Steps) which string manipulation flows with the fury of the grand white rapids! This project does take more journeys than past recording ventures however the complex yet uncompromising "Feel" of the rhythms set the tone for a uniquely spirited spin. The title cut exhumes such a Latin fever igniting the passion inside for the rest of the selections. Strunz & Farah never allows for displeasure always offering an exploration in jazz!

Dizzie Gillespie All-Star Big Band-Dizzy's Business (2006 MCG)
Is this what a big band sound ought to be? Maybe but is any arrangement associated with the Dizzy Gillespie name is what it ought to be? For every note played over and over has a new meaning and temper each time its spun, never mirroring its past push-n-plays! This is hot-tempered genius sculpted by leader Slide Hampton along with a cast of characters that were conceived from the School of Cool known as Gillespie’s Class.... Dizzy’s Business" is an extraordinary art form in classic swing. Where in four nights all rules were broken pure jazz escaped with passion. The spin is a must play for all however pay close attention to one cut "Power Packed" which ignites those very Dizzy memories of notes gone by, superb!

Kellylee Evans - Fight or Fight? (2006 Self)
From the outstretched reach of the pop genre, jazz successfully takes full ownership of a wonderfully exciting experience in the birth of a new vocal brilliance. Kellylee Evans makes her debut into jazz with her new spin Fight or Fight?, an extremely powerful showcase of nurtured talent. Ms Evans delicate balance of interpretation and presentation is rare in a new face however her drive is what molds the two skills. The blood surges with Latin passion in her execution of "Rapunzel", grasp how her range truly assists in defining the portrayal of the tale told between the notes! Outstanding new and refreshing voice with future accolades coming to a disc near you!

Roberto Magris Europlane- Il Belolo Del Jazz (2006 Soulnote)
Deceptive is this gift released unto our libraries as Roberto Magris and his ivories entice our jazz appetite this season. As one listens to such sweet moments as the Geller sax solo in "Deception" you can’t help but embrace the creativity sent forth from this jewel case. Il Belolo Del Jazz is special, special in the sense its mainstream mentality rises far above the norm for Magris adds numerous personalities throughout the compositions. Listen and you will understand my observation! Magris’s keyboards contained in the project are crisp and adventurous with little to find fault with. A wonderful piece of jazz set amid a landscape of exceptional gifts known as talent!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Clef Notes
  • CD Title: Eclectic Energy
  • Genre: Other
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Record Label: Unknown
  • Rating: Three Stars
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