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Jazz in Film by Terence Blanchard

Jazz is a difficult art. One has to develop the formal and technic skill to master his instrument and must make the vow to follow his own inner voice, to grow an independent artist.Most part of musicians have restrained themselves to a pure imitation of the current leader of the moment; if we focus on trumpet, these leaders were: Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis and Wynton Marsalis. Few artists have had the guts to walk their way, and all of them have payed the consequences. Terence Blanchard is one of them; this album means one more step to the final recognizion of a great artist, surrounding him, there were an amount of impressive musicians and genius; Donald Harrison, Steve Turre, Kenny Kirkland, Reginald Veal (the musicians)and Joe Henderson (The genius). A great album of a great (and let´s hope that soon recognized as such) jazz master. All the songs pay tribute to famous jazzy soundtracks, with modern arrangements, hard bop style, muscled, strong rhythm and a glamourous, sexy mood in the ballads. As the spanish poet, Antonio Machado, once wrote:"Caminante no hay camino/se hace camino al andar" (Traveller, there is no path/you make your path while walking), Terence Blanchard is trying to walk his way; sooner or later he will be one of the leaders. Let´s make a bet: In a hundred years Terence Blanchard will be taught in jazz schools and his records listened and collected all around the world. Anyone dares to say which will be the place of Wynton Marsalis?

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Terence Blanchard
  • CD Title: Jazz in Film
  • Genre: Other
  • Year Released: 1997
  • Record Label: Unknown
  • Rating: Four Stars
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