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Besides being an avid jazz fan, I also enjoy boxing, and continously search for the best. Many of the same comparisons i make in boxing, they are also made in JAZZ. For me, the seach for "BEST POUND FOR POUND" CD has been elusive. However, after hearing this one, I had to crown it as my champion. "L.A. JAZZ SYNDICATE"!!!! Man, where do i begin. This CD is the BOMB!! Basically, its just a group of studio musicians, that put together a monster CD. However, when you got stars like DEAN JAMES, PAUL JACKSON JR., RICKY LAWSON, and MICHAEL WHITTAKER, just stopping by to add their flavor, you know the CD is gonna be smokin. It doesn't matter on this CD whether or not the groove is fast or slow. These fellas do it all, and they do it with style, class, funk, and a smoothness that reminds you of BUTTER, not PARKAY! Whoever is playing that solo bass on the song "PALM SPRINGS",...Man,...I am a fan. They give you an excellent version of the "WAITING TO EXHALE" tune "AND I GIVE MY LOVE TO YOU". I think BABYFACE should have used this one on the soundtrack. They really funk it up. However, FEELS GOOD TO BE LOVED AGAIN, L.A. JAZZ SYNDICATE STRUT, SUNSET DRIVE, and everything else on the CD sets them apart from everyone. Finding a CD that jams on every cut is hard enough. However, out of all the CD's i have,...this is my absolute favorite, and worthy of the title "BEST POUND FOR POUND". Scale of 1-10,....46! ITS JUST THAT TIGHT!!! If you saw the way Arturo Gatti knocked out Joey Gamache while fighting on the undercard of Oscar De La Hoya/ Darryl Coley, that is how hard this CD punches. You may need to wear headgear while listening to it.....your head will definitely bob NONSTOP!. This CD more than a must for the collection.....THIS IS LIFE OR DEATH ACTION....GET IT TODAY!!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: L.A. JAZZ SYNDICATE
  • Genre: Other
  • Year Released: 1997
  • Record Label: Unknown
  • Rating: Four Stars
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