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Lunatic Soul by Mariusz Duda

Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Mariusz Duda is the lead singer for the progressive band Riverside and embarks with fellow Polish artists on this curiously interesting solo endeavor that revolves around death and transience. But don’t assume that it’s a gloomy musical portraiture tainted with elements of the macabre. On the contrary, Duda’s keenly detailed soundscapes project a spirited and tuneful reckoning with the afterlife. Abetted by a crystalline audio process, the artist uses EFX, while performing on bass and keys amid other implements to conjure up a multicolored string of events. With Maciej Szelenbaum’s mystical flute lines and the leader’s lyrically resplendent vocals/wordless overlays, the music is engineered upon massive and sometimes delicate walls of sound.

Duda employs sweeping synth textures and generates a comprehensive acoustic-electric program consisting of trance-like developments and his poignant vocalizations. Yet with his support unit, they also render weighty prog-rock themes to elicit a commanding musical portraiture that enhances Duda’s existential lyrical iterations. And there are ethereal moments as well, evidenced by the dreamy up-tempo ballad titled "Adrift," where a touch of echo enhances the yearning theme. Then Duda summons a shadowy environ via the acoustic-electric world music dappled instrumental "Waiting For The Dawn," which serves as the album’s finale. Here, Duda might be portraying the journey into a heavenly abyss. No doubt, lucid imagery is in abundance throughout the entirety of this irrefutably appealing program. The artist injects the requisite components that intimate a classy touch via these persuasive and highly entertaining theme pieces.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Mariusz Duda
  • CD Title: Lunatic Soul
  • Genre: Other
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: K Scope
  • Rating: Four Stars
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