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Magic Time by Van Morrison

Van Morrison’s impact has not faltered one iota from my perspective, especially after listening to his new album Magic Time. I do not claim to be an avid fan of his catalog; I am the owner of a few titles, so I am not awestruck by his music. I have to say that this album is superb and he really does not sound any different than he did when he released his all time famous tune "Brown Eyed Girl." Morrison’s vision and purpose is crystal clear on this album.

This CD takes all of Van’s styles and influences and packages it into one session. His Celtic background is always present along with elements of blues, rock, jazz and pop, its all part of the Morrison repertoire and its done exquisitely by the master.

"Lonely and Blue" is a great take on the blues, which is fitting for Morrison’s vocal style. On "Just Like Greta" he sings how the starlet left her career at its peak just because she wanted to be alone, it seems as though he feels that same way and he gets that feeling across very well indeed. The music propels the emotive tone of the lyrics with an atmospheric organ and the other instruments in just the right places to push the song over to make it believable. He manages to construct every track that way actually.

I fell in love with this album after one listen, but of course, that was hardly enough. There is not a bad track here, all 13 have there own purposefulness and character and Morrison’s personality and commanding presence make each song a story that you easily become part of after he sings the first lines. The music is excellent, and it does not matter which style he explores. He most certainly does "Keep Mediocrity At Bay" with this fine album.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Van Morrison
  • CD Title: Magic Time
  • Genre: Other
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Geffen
  • Tracks: 01. Stranded (5:34) 02. Celtic New Year (6:10) 03. Keep Mediocrity at Bay (3:44) 04. Evening Train (2:48) 05. This Love of Mine (2:42) 06. Im Confessin' (4:27) 07. Just Like Greta (6:25) 08. Gypsy in My Soul (4:04) 09. Lonely and Blue (3:41) 10. This Lion This Time (4:56) 11. Magic Time (5:06) 12. They Sold Me Out (3:11) 13. Carry on Regardless (5:54)'
  • Rating: Five Stars
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