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Miami Jam by Lino

This is the third installment from this talented guitarist but the first I’ve heard. I’m impressed. With a sound and style often akin to the likes of Craig Chaquico, this young man still brings enough of himself to show the world that he can stand out as a guitar virtuoso in his own right. The opener, the title track, offers a distinct blend of jazz & rock that’s appropriate for whetting the appetite of guitar aficionados everywhere. Then, there’s his handling of Mason Williams’ memorable Classical Gas (track 3). Great drive and energy here! Track 5, Riding Midnight, had me prepared for a purely Latin tune. While the most obvious Latin part is at the very beginning, he thunders ahead with a heavy rock edge that, had I my druthers, I would have omitted and just allowed the beauty of la musica Latina to shine through. Of course, that’s my personal bias, I suppose, loving Latin music the way I do. The piece does nothing to obscure Lino’s magnificent delivery, however. Track 6, Carnaval de Vie, is a sweet, smoothly-paced acoustic piece accentuated by the lovely violin of Isabella Ringhen. This one will caress away the stresses of the day for sure. Break of Day (track 7) is very reminiscent of Chaquico’s guitar narratives about the beauty of the day.... as it explodes out of the night. Turkish March (track 8) by Mozart has always been a fun piece, and Lino does it such justice with his magnificent use of guitars. If you just plain enjoy great guitar, be it acoustic, classical, or electric, this one’s for you.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Lino
  • CD Title: Miami Jam
  • Genre: Other
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Splash Entertainment
  • Tracks: Miami Jam, Chardonnay After Noon, Classical Gas, Shine, Riding Midnight, Carnaval de Vie, Break of Day, Turkish March, Waterfall, Ages, Ashes to Diamonds
  • Musicians: Lino (guitars, keys & piano, and percussion), Richard Hardy (sax and flute), Chris Frazier (drums), Philip Bynoe (bass and cello), Isabella Ringhen (violin), Ian McCorkie and Peter Petro (percussion), Stan Esistmiregal (oboe)
  • Rating: Three Stars
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