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MODERN WORLD by Ray Obiedo

I got this CD when it first came out, and just never got around to writing a review on it. The CD is very worthy of getting a review. However, I have just been too busy to write, and let the computer literate world of jazz fans know about this masterpiece. If you have read any of my other jazz CD reviews, I hope they got you excited, and made you go out and either buy the CD, or see the artist in concert. Alright,....lets talk about Ray Obiedo, and the CD MODERN WORLD. Simply put.....THE BOMB! I have been a RAY FAN (Since the PERFECT CRIME days)for a long time, and have always looked forward to his music. He makes the kind of subtle groove that sneaks up on you, and before you know it, your head is bobbin', and you are beating on the steering wheel of the car. On this CD,...I had to get a new steering wheel the second time i played it. THIS BOY IS JAMMIN'! Each song has that smoldering RHODES sound, that supports very funky bass lines, and his signature guitar, or RHODES solos. He even lets old friends like Pete Escovedo get in on the action. First he starts you off with 2 back to back grooves "CAROUSEL" and "SLIGHT ACCENT". These songs are vintage material, and represent the RAY sound we know. Then, he takes you in a new direction with "NEVER" and the title track "MODERN WORLD". All of these songs are latin influenced. However, these 2 let you see how talented he is on fast grooves. Then, he slows you down on some very mellow pretty songs. The song"A THOUSAND REASONS" will make you cry, is such a pretty song, and whoever is playing sax on that song (Bob Mintzer or Norbert Stachel) really put their soul into it. Usually, RAY will use Gerald Albright on the CD for sax solos. However, on this one, Albright should be looking over his shoulder. Overall, this is a supreme effort from RAY and a must for the collection. Scale of 1-10,....16.5. This CD is worth the money, and very versatile. However, if you like riding in the car to good jazz. Get some gloves or a pad. It will definitely make you beat up the steering wheel. I wish he would come to DC, I would be there on the front row.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Ray Obiedo
  • Genre: Other
  • Year Released: 1999
  • Record Label: Unknown
  • Rating: Four Stars
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