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Music From Beach Boulevard by Tim Coffman

Music From Beach Boulevard once again highlights the musical genius of San Diego based producer/artist Tim Coffman, not to be confused with Chicago's trombonist by the same name. The Music From Beach Boulevard CD continues the theme of marrying Hawaiian steel guitar to retro California surf music that Coffman introduced us to in 2004 with his Beach And Guitar album. Coffman has created an entirely new genre.

"Big Riders" has a rolling pitch that neither puts you to sleep nor causes heart palpations. It is just easy going music to wear your sandals to or perhaps doff them in the trunk of your car or your bike's saddlebag so you can walk barefoot by the ocean.

Throughout the CD Coffman demonstrates his fondness for horns as Mitch Manker (Hootie and the Blowfish, Fattburger) gives his trumpet valves a workout. "Cruise Control" thrusts the incomparable John Rekevics (Natalie Cole) to the forefront and he blows a great tune on his sax. Dave Scott and his trombone also appear on "Cruise Control".

With inventive names such as "Flamingo Sunrise" and "Kona Cowboys" your curiosity is peaked and you won't be disappointed. There is some excellent acoustic guitar work on "Flamingo Sunrise" as Anthony Da Luz leans into his instrument. Don Strandberg coaxes some great notes from his electric guitar.

Throughout the album we are treated to some great licks from guitarists T.J. Tindall (Bonnie Raitt, O'Jays), Blues man Billy Thompson, Matt Quilter and Coffman. Gordon Freitas plays guitar, ukulele and serves up tunes on the Hawaiian steel along with Gary Brandin.

"Kona Cowboys" is a song you will fall in love with. It is ethereal while at the same time maintaining a lively pace. The song extends an invitation to don a grass skirt and two step on a sandy beach. T.J. Tindall (Bonnie Raitt, O'Jays) also guests playing the guitar.

The keys man for this terrific piece of acetate is Tony Patler who has been at Coffman side on more than one musical excursion. Patler who spent many years working with Chaka Khan plays the Piano, Rhodes, Wurlitzer and B-3.

Not only is Music From Beach Boulevard a good bang for your buck but it is music you can actually relax to. Coffman preserved an element of nostalgia by using vintage microphones and other equipment from the early sixties.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Tim Coffman
  • CD Title: Music From Beach Boulevard
  • Genre: Other
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Rolltop Music
  • Rating: Five Stars
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