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Alls Well by Camberwell Now

Spanning material originally recorded between 1982-86 for one LP and two twelve-inch EP’s, this band came to fruition subsequent to the disbanding of "This Heat." Drummer Charles Hayward who co-founded "This Heat" realigned with multi-instrumentalist Trefor Gorowny and enlisted "tape-switchboard" artist Stephen Rickard to round out this short-lived trio.

These sides were re-mastered for CD while showcasing a forward-thinking, anti-pop and experimental progressive-rock band that highlights Rickard’s cutting edge sampling and tape loop effects. Interspersed with charming melody lines and hooks, Hayward and Gorowny interlace lyricism that hints at a decadent society, often enamored by Rickard’s field/studio recordings. It’s appealingly bizarre in scope, where unusual EFX treated background vocals serve as quaintly organized walls of sound. They also toss in whimsical interludes, otherworldly effects, thrusting straight-four rhythms, droning analogue sounds and other wildly contrasting elements into the mix. At times, the unit executes off-kilter phrasings with jazzy sax lines provided by Maria Lamburn during tracks culled from the "Greenfingers" EP.

With an occasional brute-force type impetus, the trio merges semblances of ghostly dreams layered atop steely-edged bass lines and pounding rock beats. But they inject a nice diversion into matters with the lovely soul-pop melody titled "Know How," where Hayward’s yearning vocals ride above a simple bass pattern and oscillating electronics. To that end, if your dusty vinyl platters are in dire need of an upgrade to this digitally-fixed CD or if you are uninitiated to the band’s hip, sophisticated and futuristic approach, then you’re in luck - thanks to to the advent of this compilation.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Camberwell Now
  • CD Title: Alls Well
  • Genre: Progressive
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Record Label: ReR MEGACORP
  • Tracks: Music from LP - The Ghost Trade, EPs - Meridian, Greenfingers.
  • Rating: Five Stars
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