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Biomasa by Planeta Imaginario

This Spanish jazz-rock octet has been creating a buzz since the launching of its 2004 release titled Que Me Dices. Yet greater exposure should be in order with the advent of this USA issued studio effort. Sure enough, this is a very polished outfit. Yet, they offset a few of the serious-minded motifs with lo-fi radio voices, evidenced during the onset of the sci-fi like opener titled "Discurso cosmico desde el planeta imaginario (Cosmic Speech from the Imaginary Planet). And part of the band’s attraction emanates from it’s multi-purposed line of execution. They bridge the gap so to speak, between hardcore jazz-rock/fusion and wistful, Canterbury shaded progressive-rock. As these notions are radiantly interspersed throughout, where the ensemble merges melodically drenched hooks with warm horns choruses, analog synth treatments, and edgy soloing escapades.

The entire album looms as a buoyant musical adventure. For example, the octet also merges African rhythms with blithe harmonic overtures while punching out feisty rock grooves. Guitarist Eneko Alberdi Laskurain lets the sparks fly on occasion. However, the musicians rather seamlessly fuse bustling movements and knotty time signatures with breezy horns arrangements amid upbeat persuasions.

On the final piece "Trastornos opticos del oso bipolar (Optical Delusions of a Bipolar Bear), the artists embark upon a heavily electric free-jazz blitz, which of course might provide a bit of credence to the song’s moniker. And all the advance kudos have been on the money, especially since I hadn’t had an opportunity to check them out prior to this 2008 effort. Finally, the program benefits from a fine production and not engineered upon endless riffing. This is modern day jazz-rock at its pinnacle of excellence!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Planeta Imaginario
  • CD Title: Biomasa
  • Genre: Progressive
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: Cuneiform Records
  • Rating: Four Stars
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