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Celebrate Diversity by Luca Niggli Big Zoom

Fans of European jazz take notice. Drummer and percussionist Luca Niggli's Big Zoom is a quintet of unusual proportions. On Celebrate Diversity, Niggli is joined by Claudio Puntin on clarinets, Nils Wogram on trombone and melodica, Philipp Scaufelberger on guitar, and Peter Herbert on double bass for a thrill ride of chamber music jazz. Big Zoom, formerly a trio call Zoom, focuses on subtle nuances with intimate twists and turns.

All compositions on Celebrate Diversity are original works by Niggli or Niggli and Herbert, and seldom confine the instruments to their usual roles in the ensemble. Unusual blending of instruments create powerful and moving colors. Unique solo styles and individual character illuminate each piece. Big Zoom takes angularity to new levels as they explore the sublime to the chaotic with charismatic solos woven into the music. Collectively, the band zooms deep into the complex and imaginative arrangements, but if you're looking for typical jazz language, look elsewhere. Impressive playing ability and intuitive interaction are Big Zoom's most astounding traits as they effortlessly negotiate the intricate arrangements. Not at all weighty, Big Zoom can sound as light as a feather with abstract colors, or angry as a bull ready to charge. Celebrate Diversity plays like a temperamental spouse. One that keeps you guessing and on your feet.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Luca Niggli Big Zoom
  • CD Title: Celebrate Diversity
  • Genre: Progressive
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Intakt Records
  • Tracks: Celebrate Diversity, Pidgin, Schluss, Bridges from Good Times, Screen Sleep, Grosse Sprunge, Fly & Foggy, Dance for Hermeto, Parallel Universuum, Deux Lezards
  • Rating: Four Stars
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