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Certain Undiscoveries by Taylor's Universe

Never thought I’d see the day, when an entity in Russia would start a progressive-rock record label. Or perhaps I haven’t been searching too long and hard. More importantly, this trio outing manned by Danish multi-instrumentalist Robin Taylor serves as a reminder of his relevance within Euro-prog circles. Not a household name on these American shores, Taylor’s impressive discography casts a divergent viewpoint, where the sounds and modes prominent in the’70s prog scene are morphed into a contempo uplift.

Manning the keys, synths, guitars and percussion instruments, Taylor realigns with saxophonist Karsten Vogel (of Secret Oyster fame) on this trio date featuring drummer Rasmus Grosell. Consisting of rock-solid pulses, the musicians paint a vivid, polytonal musical vista amid various EFX implementations and nicely-placed dynamics.

On the composition titled "Little Vic," Vogel’s dream-laden soprano sax lines ride atop an anthem-like cadence. And in some spots, the trio elicits notions of classic British prog via blitzing guitars, airy synth treatments and angst ridden sax choruses. Then on "Kelds Far," they render another anthem-like pattern, enamored by Taylor’s phased-out guitar licks and delicately executed keyboard work. And for the finale "A Beautiful Garden with a Lot of Depressed Animals including Noise Sculpture", the band sculpts a pastoral and multilayered slant, accentuated by Vogel’s reverberating sax choruses; followed by crashing cadenzas. And while this might not loom as Taylor’s most all-encompassing work, it does convey the artist’s multifaceted persona and acute willingness to explore and expound upon his craft.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Taylor's Universe
  • CD Title: Certain Undiscoveries
  • Genre: Progressive
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Record Label: MALS
  • Rating: Three Stars
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