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End of the World Party by John Medeski Billy Martin and Chris Wood

Out of all the Medeski Martin and Wood records I must say that this one is a favorite. The trio has done it again, re-discovering their classic ambient jazz grooves and transforming them into a sound that far surpasses Uninvisible (2002).

Medeski Martin and Wood has expanded the styles of a traditional jazz trio over the years by adding new elements and engendering a sound that is individual in its own right, relying equally on rhythm as well as the melodic progressions of each song.

Chris Woods' thumpin' bass lines and Billy Martin's drum grooves join forces with John Medeski's soulful clavinet to create a sound rivaled in coolness only by Steven Seagal's pony tail. A diversity among tracks maintains the album's flow, pushing tunes that are jam-packed with sound yet not congested with noise. On"Reflector" shows the band's new found love of high energy grooves as Medeski dominates the keys in a soulful takeover. "Mami Gato" then introduces a Latin trance that really emphasizes a sense of togetherness. This is a great album highly recommend to anyone looking for a refreshing progressive jazz disc.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: John Medeski Billy Martin and Chris Wood
  • CD Title: End of the World Party
  • Genre: Progressive
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Blue Note
  • Musicians: John Medeski (keyboard) Billy Martin (drums) Chris Wood (bass)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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