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Exile In The Woods by The Cheebacabra

Cheebacabra's first album, Metamorphosis, released in 2003, placed on the "Best Records" list by Filter Magazine. It also was listed as 'Best Of' for KCRW's radio program. Now, Cheeba is back with his latest album, Exile In The Woods.

Entering the suspenseful journey of Exile In The Woods, the listener is lead along a muted path of electronica interspersed with sounds of the jungle provided by clavinet, melodica, and percussion, eventually joined by a gleeful sax. :"March of the Biomorphs" picks up speed, laden with strings, punctuated with bass, arched by melody. Ending with sounds of the Orient--could this travel be along an Asian trail?

Mysteriously introducing us to the "Secret Agenda," a stealthy sax carries the listener deeper into the funk of percussive jive being met at the crossroads of hot trumpet. Back with electronic back beat, "Auto-Indexing" picks up the pace again, as keyboard activity provides footsteps into funkinology.

"Chatter" sounds a bit like the busyness of the video games of our times--an intersection of interaction of sounds and instruments. Melding banter into a cohesive statement of their path, sax and trumpet take over--giving a nice solo spot to trumpeter, David Carter, backed by drum beats along the journey on "Levitan's Eye."

"Rebirth Of The Electric Ant" is funk-fusion at its utmost finest. Clavinet surrounded by synthesizers exemplifies the movement of nature's creatures. Heading to "The Treehouse" seems natural with sultry sax of Cheeba punctuated by synth harmonies.

Organic grooves offset with streaming synths give "Dysplastic Nevi" the deep funk beat of a serious, purposeful journey, mixed with a bit of folley. "A Journey Begins" displays the artistic ability of these musicians, sharing a hot spot with David Mullenova on violin for the deep woods effect.

The title track, "Exile In The Woods" brings the lively journey to a fantastic finale. Lots of energy, spirit and execution of effort builds momentum, bringing the funkometer to a stealthy high.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: The Cheebacabra
  • CD Title: Exile In The Woods
  • Genre: Progressive
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Mackrosoft
  • Rating: Five Stars
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