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H-p1 by White Hills

White Hills' second album for Thrill Jockey records is in part, based on corporate misgivings and an insipid quality of life in America. Here, the musicians generate space-rock, modern psychedlia and noise music to shape a rather punishing sequence of events. And from the noise or volume perspective, these gents would give vintage Black Sabbath a run for the money.

H-p1 is a fun listen, teeming with phased vocals and foreboding vistas.  The artists project a thunderous soundscape, contrasted with streaming EFX and doomsday vocals.  However, the compelling aspects of the album supersede the austere implications, which may or may not be intended as tongue-in-cheek.

In modern times, free-jazz and experimental rock aficionados are warming up to many bands of this ilk due to off-kilter mechanisms, serving as the antithesis to rigid or overproduced endeavors that signify additional paths previously traversed.  Hence, this outfit's nervy demeanor conveys a sense of danger.  For instance, White Hills merge ethereal imagery into the grand schema with electro-distorted church bells atop a harrowing undercurrent on the piece "Movement," where notions of judgment day come to fruition.

At times the band sparks remembrances of the British progressive space-rock outfit, Hawkwind.  Intermittently framed on ostinato themes and mind-numbing motifs, the musicians soar to a cosmic wasteland while driving matters into submission during various passages.  It's sort of like a cyclonic suction machine that fuses a high-octane aura with a highly-entertaining trek into forbidden musical dominions. 

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: White Hills
  • CD Title: H-p1
  • Genre: Progressive
  • Year Released: 2011
  • Record Label: Thrill Jockey
  • Musicians: Dave W. – Guitar / Vocals / Synth Ego Sensation – Bass / Vocals / Synth Lee Hinshaw – Drums Special guests: Shazzula Nebula – Synth (all tracks except for Movement and Monument) Antronhy – Drums and electronics and mixing (on Movement and Monument) Kid Millions – Drums (on Paradise and Monument)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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