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Like Silver, Like Song by Jane Ira Bloom

Add soprano saxophonist extraordinaire Jane Ira Bloom to the burgeoning list of musicians who are releasing CDs via the (nouveau) "artistShare," business model. With this approach, the musicians’ retain artistic control where a realistic shot at making a buck, looms as an added plus.

Beautifully recorded and featuring Ms Bloom’s longtime rhythm section of drummer Bobby Previte and bassist Mark Dresser, this program also features keyboardist Jamie Saft. On this effort, Ms Bloom’s use of live electronics coupled with Saft’s electric keys and EFX provides a demarcation point where realism teeters on the abstract scheme of matters. However, it’s a tasteful approach, which fits snugly within the progressive jazz realm.

Ms Bloom’s somewhat patented implementations of tremolo to complement her emotive phrasings are sometimes mimicked by the live electronics element. Uncannily, the music still remains quite organic amid spots of a jazz-fusion or ambient-electronic aesthetic. By way of various twists and turns along with changes in meter and tone, the musicians sometimes paint a musical portraiture built upon zany interludes, often equalized by complex storylines. There’s a sinuous ebb and flow that dictates the album’s sequence of events. More importantly, Ms Bloom’s compositions convey an evolutionary series of developments that sort of intertwine into passages that might suggest a groundwork rooted within a continual regeneration of themes and plots.

On "No Orchestra," Ms Bloom renders a lamenting motif via a haunting melody line, while other pieces boast odd-metered foundations and ominous undercurrents. The band is apt to swing hard to complement choruses that might conjure up notions of a surrealist painting. To that end, Ms Bloom shines radiantly as an audacious explorer throughout these episodic type musical progressions that suggest an amalgamated array of disparate forms and shapes. (Recommended listening.... )

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Jane Ira Bloom
  • CD Title: Like Silver, Like Song
  • Genre: Progressive
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: artistShare
  • Rating: Four Stars
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