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Modern Mythology by Anton Harris Quartet

The many variables that allows and artist or a group to come together under one common denominator of intuitive creativity is the basis point for eclectic stylized jazz. Regardless of the style, when a piece of music can capture the attention of a listener artistically and intellectually, the essence of jazz has been truly satisfied beyond any level of further expectation. Every year thousands of albums are recorded; often times, some never see the light of day due to a preponderance of smooth jazz commercialism. In the case of saxophonist Anton Harris and his latest CD entitled Modern Mythology, the promise of illumination and recognition is a premise that should be pursued with zeal.

As an artist, Anton Harris exhibits a level of talent that is well beyond his young years. The flow of Modern Mythology is laminar in proportion to its content. From start to finish, Anton and his band run the gamut of some of the most proficient and layered modern jazz around today. The subtle fresh approach the group has embarked upon makes this CD palatable and adventuresome. One of the more intriguing tracks on Modern Mythology entitled "String Theory" puts on a dramatic display of compositional interaction. Harris opens the door for each member of his band to express varying aspects of his ideas with voices uniquely positioned as landmarks for reference purposes.

Another track entitled "Time Capsule" has a percussive rhythmic standard attraction installed within its lines of communication. Drummer Che Marshall opens the door for guitarist David Springer to set the melody as Harris adds his voice for effect. The cut has an underlayment of mutual exchange once again that exhibits strong chemistry between the three. As one would imagine, these characteristics and the improvisational aspects of jazz are the elements of good qualitative jazz music. Modern Mythology does in fact fill a certain void so often left behind by smooth jazz practitioners.

When listening to the Anton Harris Quartet, I found Modern Mythology to be vibrant in style. The album has a level of complexity that provides a window of convergence between the artist and listener. In my mind, rarely is there an opportunity to experience quality sounding modernized mainstream jazz. By any stretch of creativity and dispersion of ideas, Modern Mythology is a CD that demands recognition. Anything short of that would be a shallow response to some of the finest talent around today.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Anton Harris Quartet
  • CD Title: Modern Mythology
  • Genre: Progressive
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Independent
  • Rating: Four Stars
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