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Peace Now by I Led 3 Lives

I led 3 lives presents Peace Now, an eleven title progressive-electronica musical endeavour intermingling in many different soundscapes. I led 3 lives is a formation by the saxophonist, pianist and music producer, Ilhan Ersahin, drummer Jochen Rueckert and legendary bass player Juini Booth.

In Peace Now many of the tracks integrate house beats, retro-synths and programmed moves into the outline of a vibrant musical view. The whole production embodies a mix of contemporary jazzy tones, fusion, acid jazz, and electro-world and house music. With Booth’s sustaining rhythms, Ersahin’s adventurous space on keyboards and Rueckert whirly textures, the music appears to be filled with techno phrases, languid designed effects, echo chamber-like effects, house and swingy styles. On "Curious Red" and "House of Ahmet" they convoke notions of voicing and rock pulses.

Rueckert generates beat patterns among bending escapades heard on "Falling in Love". Ersahim and Booth go for extended keyboard-bass passages on "Curious Red", "Crypt", and "East Village Stroll". The work is basically a divergent suite of programs showcasing the musicians unarguably, and their imaginations are hinted throughout a mixed set of programmed parameters. Ersahin, Rueckert and Booth approach on Peace Now unified various jazz electronics and contemporary jazz-like genres into a wide scope.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: I Led 3 Lives
  • CD Title: Peace Now
  • Genre: Progressive
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: Nublu Records
  • Tracks: Juini Arrival, Dragracine, Curious Red, Fight Back Jack, 3:37am, Crypt, Poland, Sideways, Each Village Stroll, House of Ahmet, Falling in Love
  • Musicians: Ilhan Ersahin (saxophone, keyboards), Jochen Rueckert (drums), Juini Booth (bass)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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