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Raise The Roof by Lizzy Parks

The gentle voicing of Lizzy Parks highlights the orchestral tones of the swirling strings as a canopy of silky piano droplets canvass the songs on her latest CD Raise The Roof. The gyrating jiggles roving about with the flutter of flailing wings through the title track are anchored by boulder-like grooves while extracting romantically rubied horns and flaccid piano keys along "Time," delivering soothing sensations which fragrance the calming ethers. Parks displays excellent flexibility in her vocal moves along "Soul Bird" and saunters into a funky gait in "Forever And A Day" as she holds a firm grip on the boogie-induced swells. This is just a taste of Lizzy Parks music, which she delivers with finesse and a sturdy command of her vocal movements. Features which many people may read about in books discussing women in jazz.

Parks locks in on the twittering rhythms of "Spring Changes" holding on with a lacy touch while treading closely to the jazz-jive shuffles of "Seven Day Fool," which was famously recorded by Etta James in 1961. The bubbly scat doodles along "All That" are exhilarating as the finger-snapping beats of the tune produce a jaunty glee and revive classic jive shimmies with twinkling piano keys and long-armed organ spreads. The smooth jazz constitution of "Ode To St. Cecile" embraces classic jazz piano rolls as the haunting strings whispering through "Leaving Home" draw out a bluesy ambience when Parks reflects, "Leaving home / Now it's time to leave." The bluesy mood in the drooling piano chords of "Prayer" are relaxing, creating starry night skies and misty vibrations in the air which soar massively along the outro and finish the album with glittering sonic stills that wash away into a tender fade.

Produced by Ben Lamdin, Lizzy Parks disc Raise The Roof adds to the jazz constellation in a way that won't be forgotten. The songs blend of boogie soul and ambient jazz is engaging, bringing vintage and modern models together and sealing them as if they were made for each other while making progressive strides for women in jazz.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Lizzy Parks
  • CD Title: Raise The Roof
  • Genre: Progressive
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: Tru Thoughts Records
  • Tracks: Raise The Roof, Take Care, Time, Soul Bird, Forever And A Day, Spring Changes, Seven Day Fool, All That, Ode To St. Cecile, Leaving Home, Prayer
  • Rating: Three Stars
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