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Squeeze Me Ahead Of Line by The Season Standard

Markus Renter from the band TUNER amid other progressive-rock endeavors produced this debut effort by a young German band that purveys charisma and strong musicianship during these largely memorable works. The musicians also perform within a defining group-centric stylization that owes to prog gods, King Crimson and others. However, Mathias Jähnig’s silky-smooth vocals rendered atop lithely executed song-forms, soften many of the tumultuous movements. As the band surges onward with the roar of a lion, partly due to blitzing dual guitar phrasings, effervescent rhythms and contrasting melody lines.

Jähnig and guitarist Daniel Scherf enamor some of these predominately, high-octane pieces with dreamy EFX and off-kilter diversions; they sustain interest throughout. Again, Jähnig takes the edge off via his blithe and at times, jazzy vocals, evidenced on "12 Inches Nose Makes Dicso," which is firmed up by Robert Koppisch’s monster bass parts and drummer Simon Beyer’s polyrhythmic fury.

The band tones it down in spots with ambient electronic overtones but King Crimson band-member and solo artist Trey Gunn adds sustain drenched touch guitar overlays during the bluesy vibe set forth on "Tisa." Overall, the unit abides by a continual sense of evolvement, marked by intricately devised rhythmic motifs, massive crunch chords and spatial treatments. It’s an enormously impressive debut, that should garner the interest of the global progressive-rock scene, and even snag the attention of numerous modern jazz aficionados as well.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: The Season Standard
  • CD Title: Squeeze Me Ahead Of Line
  • Genre: Progressive
  • Year Released: 2009
  • Record Label: Unsung Records
  • Musicians: Mathias Jähnig (guitar, vocals), Daniel Scherf (guitar, effects), Robert Koppisch (bass), Simon Beyer (drums), Trey Gunn (touch guitar #7)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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