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When Your Fingers Find The Shapes by Lowercase p

This New England-based trio merges a few retro ‘70s era prog-rock type innuendoes with jazz-rock, house beats and other genres. But more importantly, they pronounce a unique group methodology that activates an antidote for many of the roads previously traversed. Their order of magnitude is wide-open, which is a good thing and is one of the prevalent traits inherent in the band’s chemistry. Structured, loose and at times off-kilter, this unit aims to prod the mind’s eye via a far-out and entertainingly appealing trip that somehow makes sense.

With Phil Reese’s synths, silvery Hammond B-3 organ choruses and the rhythm section’s bustling percussion vamps, the band touches upon supercharged progressive-rock amid some cleverly enacted diversions. On the piece titled "Scully," Reese’s dark synth-organ vibes ride atop a peppy backbeat, airy choruses and melodically tinged solos. Then with "Spider Song," the guest artist and saxophonist Jared Ambrose belts out a reverberating series of scrappy notes to complement the band’s quirky groove-building elements. And in other areas, the musicians morph the acoustic-electric element with pumping metrics and wily movements. No doubt, good things should be in store for this tightly-focused unit that proclaims a distinct game-plan. It’s one of those unanticipated surprises that offset the horde of humdrum albums that seemingly flood the market these days. A superfine listening experience indeed....

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Lowercase p
  • CD Title: When Your Fingers Find The Shapes
  • Genre: Progressive
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Record Label: Timetome Productions
  • Rating: Four Stars
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