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A Smooth Jazz Retreat by Native Language

Native Language creates a CD of moods for the quiet time of reflection; a nice calming listen while driving or for that special evening of reading or romance.

Featuring masters of music, the ten tracks on A Smooth Jazz Retreat has something for everyone who enjoys sitting back, taking in pleasant, fluid instrumentation with a sprinkling of vocals to slightly change the mood.

"In Your Eyes," written by Don Siegel, is lead by a pronounced percussion on drums, with gentle sax and perky piano notes, following and filling main spots, through a perky walk into a nice listening place.

Sounds of a rainforest type mystique and simple splendor is Warren Hill’s offering on "Virgin Garda." Smooth, smoldering sax guides the listener along a gentle journey of sound through Jeff Kashiwa’s "Homeward Bound" before coming back with a deeper, woodsy, slower tempo "Some Quiet Place."

So soft, so mild, Sara Gazarek coos her way through the vocals, "Amazing" and "We Will Be." Theo Bishop’s "Del Mar" showcases the deep melodic interaction between percussion and keyboard. A bit perky, a little solemn, "Del Mar" has the feel of romance wafting through the air.

Closing this album, a solemn, airy rhythm interspersed with a duet of enduring love--the way evenings are meant to be.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Native Language
  • CD Title: A Smooth Jazz Retreat
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Reissue Original Release: 2005
  • Record Label: Native Language
  • Musicians: Don Siegel, Warren Hill, Jeff Kashiwa, Andy Snitzer, Sara Gazarek, Steve Oliver, Theo Bishop, Juan Carlos Quintero, Kieber Jorge, Turning Point
  • Rating: Five Stars
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